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‘The Umbrella Academy’: Everything We Know About Season 3 Of The Netflix Superhero Series

Netflix took longer than its fans would have liked to announce it, but eventually renewed ‘The Umbrella Academy’ for a third season. And it is that the first two batches of episodes of this adaptation of the comic by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá enjoyed great popularity, so the strange thing would have been not to go ahead with it.

Next, we are going to review everything that is known about this third season , from the story to the cast, through the filming. Information that we will update as more news about the Netflix series appears.

The History

The Netflix series will face the challenge of how to address the cliffhanger with which it closed its second season – beware of spoilers -. Remember that the Hargreeves managed to return to the present and avoid the Apocalypse that was to take place in November 1963, discovering on their return that they had done something to also prevent the one that was happening today.

The problem is that they return to a different present in which their father has adopted different children. The only common link is Ben, but he is a different Ben who does not react exactly well to seeing the rest, since at this point what exists is the Sparrow Academy, not the Umbrella Academy. Everything points to a new timeline and it is clear that sooner or later another apocalypse will emerge to avoid.

The Cast

In the third season of the series we will see again the characters of Vanya ( Elliot Page ), Cinco ( Aidan Gallagher ), Klaus ( Robert Sheehan ), Allison ( Emmy Raver-Lampman ), Diego ( David Castañeda ), Ben ( Justin H . Min ), Luther ( Tom Hopper ), Sir Reginald ( Colm Feore ) and Lila ( Ritu Arya ).

In addition, Steve Blackman , showrunner of the series, has confirmed that the members of the Sparrow Academy are new characters and not doppelgängers of the Hargreeves despite Ben’s bond. Unfortunately, we do not see the faces of the other members in the end of the second season, so we will have to wait to see which actors the Netflix series sign to interpret them.

The Filming

The third season of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ will begin filming later than usual, as filming will not begin until February 2021 . Like the previous two series of episodes, filming will take place in Canada.

By the way, the Spanish Paco Cabezas will be in charge of staging an episode of the third season.

The Trailer

If filming hasn’t even started yet, obviously we don’t have a trailer (and no image) for this third season.

The Release Date

There is still no release date officially announced, but we can make an estimate taking into account that filming will not begin until next February.

Recall that the second season was recorded between June and November 2019, not releasing until July 31, 2020, therefore it is likely that the third season of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ will not reach Netflix until March 2022 if it is maintained the same rhythm.

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