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Online cockfighting is a form of betting that originates from the folk game of cockfighting and always attracts a large number of players to participate every day. To serve the needs of many players, the house 123B has launched a live cockfighting form that allows you to follow and place bets, and discover together right away.

Overview of online cockfighting

Online cockfight betting is a popular form of betting that is chosen by many cockfighting enthusiasts today. It gradually becomes a popular trend as technology is more and more developed and more convenient than the traditional form of cockfighting.

If in Vietnam, cockfighting is considered a violation of the law and is prohibited, but in neighboring countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, etc., cockfighting is allowed as an activity. legal. In the big arenas in these countries there are always dramatic fights with strong cocks.

If you want to follow and apply eye-catching cockfighting matches, the house 123B is an extremely top choice for you. This is a bookie that provides live livestreams of good cockfights with high quality. Besides, you can also make quick bets and collect winnings.

Rules for playing cockfighting online at 123B

To be successful in betting, you first need to understand the rules of online cockfighting. Only when you know the rules of each match will you be able to win bets, specifically:

  • Firstly, basically, online cockfighting and traditional cockfighting are similar in gameplay. Chickens of the same size will be placed against each other and must use the same spur.
  • Second, the normal online cockfight time will take about 15 minutes. After each round, the chickens will have a break of 5 minutes to drink water and regain strength. For cockfights, the fighting time will take place faster because of the danger of the spurs.
  • Third, in a battle, if a cock doesn’t attack, gets hit too much by the opponent but still doesn’t react, gets kicked to death or runs away more than 3 times, it will be judged as a loser.

Advantages of online cockfighting lobby 123B

Currently, more and more players are choosing online cockfighting instead of traditional betting because of the convenience and optimization it brings. Especially, the betting hall of 123B is always extremely busy when there are thousands of games every day. Right now, let’s take a look at the attraction of this betting hall specifically as follows:

Betting 24/7 anywhere

If with traditional cockfighting, players have to go to the venue to monitor and place bets, which is extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive. As for cockfight betting at 123B, you only need a smart device with an internet connection to monitor and place bets anytime, anywhere.

Gamer information is not leaked

When participating in the online cockfight, members’ personal information will be absolutely secure by the house 123B through the most advanced information encryption system of the century. You will not need to worry about leaking personal information to 3rd party providers like other less reputable addresses.

Fast deposit/withdrawal of 123B bets

After participating in online cockfight betting, if the player has winning investments, the bet will be immediately transferred to your account. If after that, the player does not want to continue playing, he can completely withdraw money to his bank account.

The method of choosing an undefeated online cockfight bet

To support players with the process of investing in betting on where to win that prize, 123B will share with you the following tips for choosing a fighting cock:

  • Choose a rooster with a mighty gait and always move ahead of the enemy. Chicken has a large thigh, two strong legs and especially bright eyes. These will be the alert chickens in the game.
  • Wings are also one of the manifestations of an intelligent fighting cock. It is best to choose chickens that have strong wings and have more than 18 large wing feathers.
  • In addition to choosing the right chickens with high opponent damage, the selection of quality must be considered. The cock and spur are the two most important parts that determine the whole game.
  • Choose a chicken with a particularly short and pointed beak that should have a large spur. If he chooses the wrong six tails, victory is almost in your hands.


Currently, online cockfighting betting has been a popular and popular form of betting on all betting sites. Wishing you all a day when the chickens fight in the red, win, bring a lot of money and enjoy the happy moments after‘s post!

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