Avalanche feature in slots: Everything you need to know

Every gamer will find something new and exciting in casino games. As the number of slot players continues to rise, software providers have to get creative in order to stand out from the crowd.

Some players’ favorite part of a slot machine is the Avalanche feature, and it’s easy to see why. The Avalanche feature expands the reels, increasing the odds of landing winning combos.

Unlike casino bonuses that are more about requirements, the prerequisites for activating this in-game feature are straightforward. This post covers everything you need to know about the Avalanche feature, so keep reading to learn more.

What is the Avalanche Feature?

Slots are constantly updated with new features that are entertaining and payout significantly. The Avalanche function is an excellent addition to a slot machine. 

Most people are confused about what this feature does, and it’s no surprise, given its complexity. When a winning combination is formed, the Avalanche feature causes all the symbols in that winning combination to vanish all at once. These symbols are then replaced with higher-valued symbols, increasing your chance of landing another winning combination.

Different Avalanche Features

Different variations of the Avalanche feature have emerged as more developers begin to include it in their games. This feature goes by many different names but offers the same basic concept. When you land a winning combo, the symbols in that combo are replaced by new symbols.

The manner in which the symbols are replaced with new symbols also varies greatly from slot to slot. In some slots, the screen may explode like a bomb, revealing the winning symbols and possibly some surrounding symbols. 

In other slots, the symbols are removed from view while the new symbols drop in from the top, below, or sides. In any case, the result is the same: a new set of symbols are displayed on the reels. Each of these new symbols is capable of forming a winning combination.

Winning Big at an Avalanche Slot Machine

You’ll quickly learn that clicking the spin button doesn’t cause the reels to spin if you play the Avalanche feature slot machine. When you play these slots, new reel symbols will be introduced into the reels by falling down the screen.

Any winning combinations you’ve created following the paytable will be recorded in your win meter. The cash you earn will be deposited into your account once all the symbols on the reels have dropped down. 

The Avalanche Feature will take effect when a winning combo is made, wiping out the symbols that contributed to that win. This results in an empty space on the screen, and symbols from higher up on the reels will occupy this space. 

When this happens, your chances of forming winning combinations on the remaining active paylines are increased. The Avalanche Feature will keep going, eliminating and replacing reel symbols until no new winning combos can be made. It’s possible that the rewards for the higher-valued winning combinations produced by the Avalanche Feature are multiplied by the current multiplier values.


Remember that the winning combination must appear on previously activated paylines for the Avalanche Feature to pay out. Many players’ initial reaction is that they’ll lose their bet since the symbol vanishes, but it’s the other way around. 

The Avalanche function opens the door to far more possibilities. A new set of symbols will appear on the screen, replacing the old one and increasing your odds of a successful spin. Several providers have started to add this feature to their games, which shows that NetEnt has done a great job.

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