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All About The 10 Feet by 10 Feet Cantilever Outdoor Umbrella

Spending time in the sun is fun in summer and spring. From hanging out with friends to gardening and cookouts, there is so much to do in the outdoor. But whatever we do, we need to protect ourselves from the UV rays and the occasional showers. This is where the cantilever patio umbrella shines. It saves our skin from the UV rays and the rain, and lets us have all the fun we want in the outdoors. 

Outdoor commercial umbrellas come in all shapes and sizes. The 10×10 large cantilever patio umbrella is a serious shade solution. It covers a lot of ground with its massive shade and is a very practical accessory. But what are its pros and cons? We tell you in this article. 

Assembling the Giant

The unassembled 10×10 umbrella comes in a large, heavy box. You will need help in lugging the thing inside your property. The whole thing comes with an instruction manual and the assembly process is pretty easy. There are normally four base pieces that need to be filled with sand, sawdust or water. Choose whichever is readily available to you. 

All the pieces of the accessory, the screws and Allen wrenches are properly labelled. Although it is not a cakewalk to assemble the umbrella, you don’t have to be an expert. One person with enough patience can assemble the whole thing in an hour or two. 

Tip: Assemble your custom patio umbrella where you want to install it. Moving it after assembling the whole setup is practically impossible due to its weight. Try to assemble the base on a flat surface like the patio instead of an unpaved surface. Since the base is made up of multiple parts, uneven ground can make the base parts look misaligned. Take some help in lining up the primary umbrella support with the base because it can be too heavy for one person.

Using the umbrella

Press the button on the vertical sliding handle to move the umbrella canopy up. Once the umbrella canopy assembly has moved up as high as you intended it to be, release the button and let it lock in place. Turn the crank handle to unfurl the canopy. Now the canopy is parallel to the ground. Your umbrella will probably have a foot pedal to turn the canopy 360 degrees so that you can track the sun and block it.

Tip: Do not unfurl the umbrella before moving it up. That can cause some drag if the conditions are windy. 

Pros and Cons

The 10×10 cantilever patio umbrella is made from weatherproof materials. The frame is rustproof and the canopy is UV and water proof. But the canopy does attract fine particles suspended in the air. Make some time to clean it and keep it closed when not in use. Closing the umbrella canopy is a cakewalk. Just turn the crank in reverse. It is easy to assemble and durable. 

But this umbrella, although not fixed to the ground, is quite heavy. It cannot be hauled around. But then the heavy weight means that high winds can’t topple it. It stays put where it is installed. You can tilt the canopy and also rotate it to track the sun and block it.  This maximises its shade and keeps your patio cool.

This large custom patio umbrella isn’t built for small spaces at all. You need to have ample space in your patio to accommodate this umbrella. But it also lets you experiment with the furniture setup. The umbrella’s minimalist design coupled with the large shade it provides lets you employ a sprawling seating arrangement. You and your guests are protected from the UV rays and the occasional showers and can have some real fun in the outdoor. 


There are so many iterations of the commercial umbrella for sale in the market. The 10×10 large cantilever patio umbrella is one of them. Yes, it is a bit cumbersome to unpack and assemble and it is certainly not made for small patios. But if you have a generous outdoor space and intend to employ a sprawling furniture setup, this is the umbrella for you.

The materials it is made of are sturdy and will last a very long time. It is not fixed to the ground. That means it can be uninstalled and transported easily if you are planning to change your house. Overall, if space is not a concern for you, the 10×10 large cantilever patio umbrella is a very good product you should consider buying. 

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