All the Features and Functions Highlighted in the NetSuite Project Management Demo

Any IT or tech company wanting to automate its business operations and increase profits will benefit from a cloud-based enterprise resource planning tool. They come with features that can increase the efficiency of any organization. The company can manage all consulting, support, and hired services by tracking time and resources. The services are delivered on time and under budget with the NetSuite project management demo.

What drives the success of an enterprise is the number of concurrent projects they have in the pipeline. The project delivery is one way to measure success and if they were submitted before the deadline and achieved all targets within the budget then it is considered a win. The team needs to coordinate with the manpower to accomplish all tasks and the more streamlined their delivery is, the more likely they are to achieve their goals.

NetSuite project management softwarehelps fulfill all the requirements mentioned above. It helps the team manage all their employees and tasks from a single platform. The services cover all the features usually included in a Professional Services Automation, Customer Relationship Management, and Enterprise Resource Planning tool. NetSuite is a Software as a Service product that provides the solutions users need in a complete plan to implement project lifecycle. 

The NetSuite system can be integrated with different ERP, Finance, Workforce, and Project Management solutions as well. It is an all-inclusive tool that takes care of each stage of a project and how it does that is highlighted below.

Reasons to Choose NetSuite Project Management Demo

It is an award-winning solution with a platform that caters to all companies and industries. Any organization from a small startup to a large service provider can benefit from the features as is evident fromNetSuiteproject management reviews. It helps manage resources and financials in a way that all projects are managed smoothly.

Each module and tool helps users automate and streamline their tasks. They are related to project management, resource management, project accounting, timesheet, and expense management procedures. Some of the pros are highlighted below.

  • The system is cloud-based and it saves money in terms of server maintenance costs.
  • Provides access to real-time data and updates
  • Can connect any user with an internet connection to the system
  • Easy to customize all the options available
  • Reporting, billing, and resource management make up the all-in-one solution
  • Mobile support is included

Highlighted Features of NetSuite

Project Management

NetSuite project management demo helps managers and other employees collaborate on the projects and receive accurate statuses related to them. The system helps identify critical tasks and uses different parameters to solve issues that arise in real-time. The managers have access to all the details which keeps the teams on their toes. They can meet all customer demands and address them using the following functions:

  • Recording and estimating budgets
  • Tracking project progress
  • Establishing targets
  • Updating in real-time
  • Generating Gantt charts on project plan and status

Resource Allocation

NetSuite project management demo has resource finder options that find the most appropriate resource for any specific project. They can optimize their resources and keep a check on performance and productivity. It alerts users of any available resources and the expected date of availability for the unavailable ones. This reduces the number of non-billable hours and guarantees the best possible outcome. This module covers the following tools:

  • Resource search for looking up the available options.
  • Resource assignment to allocate them to specific tasks, employees, or activities.
  • Resource forecasting for estimating the availability and remaining amount of a specific resource.
  • Resource booking to make sure it is available for a certain task.

Financial Accounting

NetSuite project management reviewsmention ithas accounting tools that connect key financial data with precise accounting and billing data. It takes care of all the invoices and options related to the project and allows managers to communicate the development on a project-to-project basis. They receive in-depth insights into the financial options and cover all the costs, billing, revenue, and other financial activities. Some of the benefits of this module include:

  • Automating invoicing and making the process more flexible.
  • Summarizing the profitability of a project in easy-to-read reports.
  • Recognizing the project’s revenue early in the lifecycle.

Time Tracking

The purpose of this module is to make sure that accurate information is entered into the timesheets. The project management software uses the management module to make it simpler and easier for employees to check-in and out. They can submit their billable hours and wait for approval online. Some of the other features include:

  • Time entry for tracking multiple projects and customization options.
  • Tracking hours and user submissions.
  • Approving all project timesheets, requests, and edits.
  • Rejecting timesheets with errors with no problem

Expense Management

All the expenses related to a project with simple interfaces are organized on the same platform. Each entry is rechecked to make sure it is accurate and the rules can b customized according to the business. There are expense management options that can be accessed through the mobile app as well. Managers can gather accurate expense data and the different projects are assigned to the user in a single report. The project management and accounting tools are connected and they provide the following features:

  • Customization of all business processes
  • Creating and submitting expense reports through the mobile app
  • Tracking all submitted expenses
  • Streamlining and speeding up the approvals process


Understanding the progress and performance of a project is easy with the NetSuite project management demo because it provides the necessary information. It helps users find out more about their resources and profits. The software uses data from the actual costs and compares them with budget predictions to generate reports. The analytics module covers:

  • Generating reports related to the project.
  • Compiling all project data.
  • Setting up alerts related to the updates.

Who is NetSuite For?

The software helps many consultancies, staffing, and IT companies automate their functions. They can complete projects with the highest efficiency. Customer satisfaction increases once the solution is implemented within the organization.

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