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All you need to know about Yeezy Slides

Yeezy slides are very popular and don’t have any competition. Also, many fashion brands like LV and Nike have created micro brands for slides.

The Yeezy slide  attracts a lot of attention globally. People are willing to wait in long lines to get them..

It’s hard to understand why rubber slides drive people crazy. So many people wait hours at stores to get these slides. Some people might think it’s crazy to spend money on Yeezy slides. But there are reasons why people want it.

We are gonna discuss some of the important aspects of these slides.

Can I resell them?

People buy luxury products because they fear missing out (FOMO). As a result, they have a good resale value; people sell them after using them. For example, Yeezy slides, like Rolex watches and Air Jordan sneakers, are expensive when resold.

Yeezy slides were sold for $55, but once they are no longer available, people want to buy them on the release date. The price at which Yeezy slides can be resold depends on their color.

The Yeezys in bone colorway has the highest resell value.

The Yeezy slides were released in 2020 and cost $55. Now, they are being resold on StockX for $600.

People also buy yeezy fake slides from big names like HypeUnique.

To get Yeezy slides, it’s best to buy them before they sell out in stores. But, if you miss that chance, the next best time is four months after they’re released because more will still be available in the aftermarket. When fewer slides are available in the market, their price increases.

Coronavirus is also a reason.

The pandemic in 2020 was difficult for a lot of people. During the lockdown, sneakers could have been more useful. As a result, people wanted slip-on shoes that they could wear indoors.

The Yeezy slides became very popular during the pandemic and have remained popular. The unique and trendy designs also contributed to its rapid popularity.

During the 2020 lockdown, the Yeezy brand made money by meeting people’s needs. For example, making EVA slides is much cheaper than making Air Jordans.

Yeezy slides are sold for $50 to $60, depending on your location.

Slides are expensive, but everyone agrees that the design is excellent. Also, experts say that the latest Yeezy slide is better.


Yeezy slides are available in three colours: Onyx, Ochre, and Pure.​

The Yeezy slides are comfortable because they are made of lightweight EVA foam. You will feel your midfoot and wide foot sinking in once you put them on. These slip-on shoes made of rubber are very comfortable to wear.

Traditional slides can be annoying and flap around when you walk. The sound gets louder when you run or jog. Yeezy slides don’t flap while walking, unlike other slides. Instead, the slide pair adheres to your feet.

The Yeezy slides have a good grip on most surfaces but may be less effective on wet surfaces. Therefore, please be cautious while walking on wet surfaces while wearing these slides.

EVA foam is safe to use because it doesn’t have chlorine. NTP, IARC, and ACGIH say it’s not carcinogenic and is okay to wear.

Some people have reported that Yeezy slides feel tight when worn with socks. To avoid this, we recommend that buyers go up a half or full size to prevent tightness in the front of the foot.

It is a comfortable open-toe shoe that can be worn with socks. But wearing thinner socks instead of thick socks is better when wearing Yeezy slides.
Some people have reviewed the Yeezy slides, saying the heel sinks more than the forefoot.

Some people mentioned that the shoe fits around the middle of the foot, but it’s not a big concern. This slide has exceptional quality and maintains its shape even when bent.

We liked the Yeezy slides because they have a simple, one-color design that is unique. Besides, the Adidas slides are not branded like Louis Vuitton slides. The Adidas logo is only on the back, and the Yeezy branding is on the inside.

The slip-ons are of high quality and have ridges on the outsole that resemble teeth at the bottom of the shoe. These Yeezys are soft but not mushy. They are lightweight yet dense. They are less expensive than other Yeezys but have a high resale value.

Final thoughts on buying Yeezy:

It is difficult to tell between fake Yeezy slides and real ones. Some stores on Google sell fake slides at the same price as the real ones. 

Also, the original Yeezy pair’s pictures are used as clickbait. So, be careful of counterfeit Yeezy slides. Inspect the strap around the sole to verify if a Yeezy slide is authentic.

Real Yeezy slides have a rounded strap, while fake ones have a pointed strap. Another way to confirm is by checking the heel.

The Yeezy slides have lines on the heel that create a separate section but are not very noticeable or deep.

The makers of fake products often try too hard and leave no traces—the straight lines make the slides look low-quality and cheap. So before buying Yeezy slides from any website, ensure you know that seller is authentic.

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