American Airlines Add Live TV Service For Passengers

Passengers on American Airlines flights will soon be able to watch sports and news networks while they’re in the air thanks to an agreement with DirecTV and Dish. A benefit of the service is that passengers will be able to watch networks on their own mobile devices instead of relying on televisions in the aircraft. Domestic flights will offer networks that include TNT, ESPN, NBC, ABC, and CBS.

Getting Connected
American has already linked to ViaSat in the past in order to provide a way for passengers to connect to the internet. Other satellite systems could be added to allow for stronger and better connections for passengers. American is thrilled that it’s able to offer passengers Wi-Fi as well as movies and TV streaming services so that they are entertained for even a short time while they are flying. The company has tried to gather information about what passengers might want to watch while they are flying so that the best networks and a variety of options are available. Those who enjoy watching their favorite game or event during the week can view matchups on sports networks with ease.

Nothing New
DirecTV has been involved with other airlines, such as Southwest, in order to provide passengers with a way to stay entertained and connected while in the sky. It’s nothing new for the television provider to enter into agreements with airlines and other transportation companies as they want to offer ways for customers to stay as happy and pleased with the services that are provided as possible.

The recent decision that American has made to offer television services to its passengers is one that’s important. Seats have been redesigned so that they are more comfortable, which has paved the way for wireless connections that are more efficient. American hasn’t given any kind of signal that it will follow other airlines that have used narrow-bodied systems that are embedded. The announcement about offering live TV comes just as football season begins, which should make many passengers happy, especially if they fly on Sundays. Michael Irvin has been recruited to deliver a social media video in order to announce the new services that will be offered to passengers.

What to Expect

When passengers board an American Airlines plane, they can almost immediately connect to the networks that are available. There are at least 12 channels that passengers will be able to access with the possibility of more being added if there is a positive response. The addition of the channels will impact at least 100 domestic flights. Aside from news and sports networks, children will be able to enjoy shows on the Disney Channel. Even though passengers can access internet services, they haven’t really been able to watch a television show or movie aside from what’s offered for everyone during the flight. The new options offer a way for passengers to relax while they are on the plane, which can make a flight comfortable for those who haven’t flown before or for those who get nervous while on a plane. Passengers will need to download an app in order to access the channels that are available. The app will need to be accessed before the plane takes off. Once the app is installed and opened, passengers can use the internet or use the Free Entertainment tabs to watch television and movies.

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