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Understanding Why Your Internet Is So Slow

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We have all tried to stream a movie or connect to a website and been frustrated by a slow internet connection speed. You may find the slow internet speed you experience is a temporary one or is a long-term issue. Understanding why your internet is running slowly will help you diagnose the problem and understand why your internet is not operating at its maximum potential.

A Busy Network

The network bringing the home internet to your device can sometimes become busy or clogged. Like a traffic jam on a highway, your network has to pass along several busy roads to reach your device. At times when your family and neighbors are arriving home from school and work, your network will slow down. If everybody is accessing the internet at the same time, you can expect some slowdown in performance for your device.

Your Router is Incorrectly Located

Have you considered the best position for your router in your home? Your router may be located in the wrong position if you are experiencing slowdowns on your network. Making sure your router is located in a central location free from obstructions will give you higher speeds. Conducting a speed test directly beside your router and a second in a far-flung room will show the difference between your performance levels.

How Old is Your Router

In 2015, the FCC brought in new regulations designed to improve the speeds of transmission for homeowners. Residential internet users may not know about the new capabilities of routers and stick with their outdated equipment. Routers play an important role in bringing the fastest speeds to your home because they transmit the internet to different parts of your property. Replacing your router with an updated version will be a significant upgrade on your outdated version. An outdated router will be easy to identify when you plug a device directly into your modem to bypass the router. If the speed significantly improves you will know your internet speeds are not to blame for slow performance. Many internet providers suggest to customers to upgrade their routers for better internet experience.

A VPN May be to Blame

A virtual private network is an impressive option for protecting your identity and encrypting your information online. However, you will often find your VPN contributes to the slow performance of your internet. A VPN is a second payer of security for your network because it provides you with the privacy you require for browsing. The VPN requires you to pass your browsing information through its server on the way to yours. Each time you use a VPN you are using more processing power to retrieve information.

Do you Have a Virus?

One of the scariest problems your network can face is a virus spreading through your devices. Ransomware has become a major problem, with hackers holding individual networks for ransom before returning them following a payment. Viruses can take many forms, including the slowing of your internet speeds as hackers try to steal your information. Conducting speed tests on your devices will allow you to recognize when a device is infected.

Your Internet Speed is too Slow

A question you need to ask yourself is whether your internet speeds are to slow for your needs. If you or a family member spend a lot of time playing online games, you need fast speeds to keep your devices running effectively. Any internet provider such Charter Spectrum will be able to help you determine if your internet speeds are too slow for the number of devices on your network.

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