Among Us Stars Pack Among Us Stars Pack

Do you enjoy the Among Us video game? Fortnite collaborated with Among Us in order to entertain its players. You can read the following article to find out all about the purchase.

The top-ranked game Among Us is loved by players and has been played avidly. Even politicians in the United States are mentioning this game in their blogs. The sale has excited players.

Let’s talk about the collaboration and how you can purchase among Us Stars Pack. It is also available on Fortnite.

Description for Among Us Game

Epic Game sells the game. The imposter was impressive and attracted players to the game’s release. Recent rumors have suggested Fortnite might be joining forces with Among Us. Additional details on the newly released back bling (and emote) are available here.

  • Crewmate back bling: Players get ten free colours
  • Distraction Emote is a performance that entertains players with a dance selection by Henry Stickman.

At a low price, you can now have your Among Us Star Pack. You must first purchase an Among Us Game from the Epic Game Store. You won’t be able grab back bling or emote unless you buy a Star Pack.

Epic games store cosmetics must be purchased by players. Fortnite free games are not available. The sale is valid for a one-year period. Players don’t need to hurry to take advantage of this opportunity. Fortnite stores can still make some money next year up until June 9,2023,11 ET. We have included the price list to help you buy the pack.

Among Us Stars Pack

Epic games developers announced the official partners of both games. Fortnite players now have the option to enjoy posters from Among Us while playing. To buy posters from Among Us you will need to know your Fortnite account so it can be linked up.

The Fortnite price chart is shown below. Although players must purchase in dollars, the store will accept $1 as well.

  • For $1.99, players can purchase a 20-star pack.
  • For $2.99, players can purchase a 30 star pack.
  • For $4.99, players can purchase 50 stars in a pack.

Players who wish to buy Among Us Stars must pay more.

  • For $9.99, players can purchase a pack with 110 stars.
  • For $24.99., players can purchase a 300-star pack.

If players do not want to buy Among Us they can opt for the minimum pack which costs $1 and receive free cosmetics from their Fortnite crewmates.

The promotional video reveals that Crewmate back bling is available in colours such as pink, orange, green and purple.


In the Among Us Stars Pack,we shared details about the pack values as well as how one can earn Fortnite stars. The players will enjoy a brand new show thanks to this new collaboration.

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