Fortnite Coin Series Soundwave How do I collect coins in Soundwave Series Fortnite _?

Fortnite’s Soundwave Series has arrived! Are you excited? Gen Hoshino has been the latest craze and players seem excited about the new Soundwave Series in Fortnite. It began on June 9th 2022.

The live event can be viewed online by anyone from the United States CanadaUnited Kingdom or United Kingdom . It will take place from 9 June through 12 June 2022. There are exciting prizes in the Soundwave series. These prizes are available to you by collecting Fortnite Coin Series Soundwave. We’ll show you how!

Fortnite Soundwave Series

Fortnite is hosting its third music event for Soundwave this year. Gen Hoshino will be next after Tones, Emicida and I. The shows run non-stop for 72 hour. The Soundwave Series: Gen Hoshino will be ending on 12 June 2022, at 8AM ET.

After completing the experience, players will earn some XP as well as a memento. They must also collect Coins in Soundwave Series Fortnite. Because Soundwave Series Rewards are so popular, players were eager to receive them. We’ll be discussing the steps needed to get the Soundwave Series Coins in the article.


Fortnite is a very popular online game, coded by Epic Games. It was launched on Windows, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Switch, macOS iOS, Android, and Xbox.

Fortnite has three distinct game modes. There are two versions: a survival and sandbox version, as well as a battle (royale), game. Fortnite won the PC Gamer Award for Best Ongoing Game in 2018.

How do I collect coins in Soundwave Series Fortnite _?

You will need to attend Fortnite’s Soundwave Series concert, and then stay there until the end in order to get your Soundwave Series Coin. You can participate in the concert by:

  • Change your game mode with the button “Play” above. Make sure Discover is selected from the top menu.
  • Click Play and select Soundwave Series in Epic’s Picks.

The entire concert will last around 20 minutes. Once the concert is over you will either be directed to the exit with a map, or dropped directly at the exit. This exit will have the Fortnite Coin Series Soundwave. It’s a large, gold-colored coin with an F.

You will be able to get the exclusive Soundwave Series: Gen Hoshino Shampoo and 40,000XP by using this coin. You cannot purchase the spray at the in-game boutique. The spray can only be earned by attending all Gen Hoshino shows.

Player reactions

It seems that the mini-virtual concert was enjoyed by all. The show runs non-stop for 72 hours, so players from different time zones can enjoy it whenever they like.

Many Fortnite players have shared clips of their Fortnite avatars dancing to Gen Hoshino’s music.

Last Words:

Fortnite Coin Series Soundwave can be used to get limited-edition mementoes or XP. This guide will help players to collect the coin.

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