An Insight on The Results of Liposuction

People troubled with fatty body always find an effective way to reduce excess fat that is affecting their health and body shape. Many adopt methods like exercising, a weight loss diet and even take medications to lose excess fat. Unfortunately, sometimes these methods don’t provide the desired result. Finally, they are ready to enjoy the fat loss benefits granted by liposuction. 


It is a surgical method of reducing stubborn fatty cells. A hollow tube is inserted in the area where there are excess fat cells to suck them out. If needed they are transferred to other parts that help maintain perfect body shape. 

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Here are few answers about Liposuction results:

  • What to expect after liposuction surgery?
    • You may experience mild discomfort for a few days. The area where the tube has been inserted may swell, seem reddish and bruised. You can administer the prescribed medications, which to an extent provide you relief from swelling and support faster healing.  You are advised to wear loose dress till the swelling is fully reduced. 
  • Will there be scars on the body?
    • Small incisions have been done to insert a hollow narrow tube to suck out the fatty cells. They are quite tiny hence the scars won’t be noticeable after it heals. The scars aren’t visible if you follow the aftercare procedures as suggested by your dermatologist. 
  • How to experience fast healing of wounds? 
    • The healing is sure to be faster if you follow post care process as directed by the dermatologist. However, a healthy diet, following a fitness routine is supportive to prevent gaining weight again. This is because there are chances of other body parts accumulating fat cells resulting in gaining excess weight. Hence, having nutritious food, sleeping adequately and exercising regularly is sure to help enjoy good fitness results. 
  • Will the results be achieved immediately?
    • You can visualize the result only after the swelling fully reduces, thus it will take a couple of weeks. The fat is removed however there will be fluid retention and swelling that may result in feeling bloated for a few days after liposuction. 

Some people stop exercising and eat sugary and fat-rich food after liposuction, which results in putting on weight. Hence, it is quite essential to maintain your body weight even after liposuction as there are chances of gaining excess fat in other parts of the body where the incision hasn’t been done by the dermatologist. Hence, drinking plenty of water to keep the body dehydrated and need to intake healthy diet for quick healing of the surgical wounds and for reducing body weight. You can begin regular low-intensity exercises within a week of Liposuction. 

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