An Overview of Our Deep Drawn Stamping Procedure

Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company has been producing metal parts since 1959 for a variety of markets, including consumer products, aerospace, automotive, medical, and energy. Manor Tool, a company that specializes in high-quality metal stamping, can produce anything from a single prototype to a large batch that needs progressive tooling.

Standard cylindrical and axisymmetric forms, as well as box-shaped objects, are all deep drawn stamping shapes offered by Manor Tool. With adjustments like coining, curling, extruding, and embossing, we can cater to the particular requirements of each client. Our facility is also ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality, and we have developed a procedure to create completed products with precise tolerances that match or exceed client requirements.

The Deep Draw Stamping Process

Drink cans, deep pans, assembly housings, and other containers having a depth greater than their diameter must undergo the deep draw procedure. A punch is used to press metal into a die and produce a certain form after placing a blank sheet of metal over the die. Once the die is created and the tooling is established, the process may be finished with little downtime or maintenance, which makes it very affordable, particularly for high-volume manufacturing.

The deep draw stamping procedure is as follows, from beginning to end:

Engineers provide a plan.

Our engineers evaluate the part’s design to see whether Manor’s fleet of more than 30 400-ton presses can produce it.

We take into account the completed part’s optimal thickness, form, and radii as well as what will function the best in light of the customer’s requirements and our experience. Our typical components have very tight tolerances and range in size from 0.005 to 0.5 inches. We can also create dies that are up to eight feet long and four feet broad.

Finite Element Analysis, or FEA, is used by us. This enables us to precisely replicate the whole Progressive Die Stamping and digitally manufacture the item using the final design. Any design or tooling issues may be quickly identified and corrected before they waste time or money.

We choose the appropriate flat metal sheet based on the needs of the material. Aluminum, brass, copper, and steel are available options.

Engineers take note of the component’s depth and radius degree as part of the setup. They set up the die and punch on the press appropriately. The blank or metal sheet is put on the die.

The workpiece is forcefully shaped by the punch as it is pressed hard against the die. The right depth and size are produced by repeating this procedure.

The completed component is robust and seamless since it was made from a single sheet of metal. Because of the process’s accuracy, it may be finished rapidly with lower technical labor costs and faster turnaround times.

What Products Can Be Produced With Deep Draw Stamping Metal?

Deep draw stamping creates components with a depth higher than the diameter and is a popular method for producing a broad variety of parts. Panels, tanks, containers, sinks, automobile components, and cooking pots and pans are among the objects that are often made using the deep draw stamping technique.

Deep draw metal stamping is more often used to create certain components or items:

Parts that need to be made in large quantities. Deep draw stamping is perfect for longer runs since once set up, it operates swiftly and effectively.

Components that need to be gas- or water-tight. The one-sheet procedure runs well.

Parts that need to be manufactured with precise tolerances. Metal stamping supplier is very accurate and has a tolerance range.0005 inches.

Components with intricate, axisymmetric forms. These geometries are produced by the die and punch more quickly and precisely than by many machining processes.

Components for which cutting or welding would not be acceptable due to their longevity or appearance.

Manor Tool offers high-quality metal stamping.

Deep draw metal stamping is the best method for producing cylindrical or axisymmetric items fast and to precise tolerances. Deep draw metal stamping can be used to produce anything from a prototype to a small run to high-volume manufacturing, but it is most effective for large production runs. Once the tooling has been established, the process proceeds quickly and with little need for supervision. If we talk about meta stamping then we can’t forget China because it’s the best Metal Stamping in China.

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