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What Is The Secret Behind Bushy Eyebrows?

You may have wondered how all the bushy eyebrows on TikTok were brushed up to resemble fuzzy caterpillars.

Several reasons could be the case, including: 

  • Makeup could make them more pronounced. 
  • It’s possible that the creator was born with heavy brows. 
  • Or perhaps you’re staring at a set of freshly done brow henna eyebrows.

One of the newest semi-permanent beauty fads is eyebrow tint, which is a perm for people who want their brows to look bigger, thicker, and even a touch untidy. Though the fad has been around for a while, several aestheticians saw a significant spike in the number of clients who requested brow henna during the pandemic.

Everyone has beyond the thin-eyebrow stage now, and a lot of individuals want to restore their brows to their pre-over-plucked states. 

Although it might seem like a simple fix, maintaining eyebrows that are just the right amount of unruly and perfectly done requires work. Anyone planning to color their brows should first wash or shampoo them. In the end, the eyebrows will appear fuller.

Henna eyebrow tinting is advantageous because it is quick, easy, all-natural, and absolutely affordable. The Mina Ibrow Henna Regular Kit comes with one pouch of 1gm each, which may provide up to 30 applications. It also includes a safe-keep bottle to preserve any leftover brow henna.

But what does an henna eyebrow tint with henna involve? How much does it cost and can you do it yourself? Here is a list of everything you should know before getting your eyebrows tinted.

Step 1: To give the henna eyebrow dye from the henna eyebrows kit time to sit and grow, prepare it.  Combine 1 measuring spoon of the henna powder (25g) with roughly 15-20 drops of the Mina Rose Water or plain water to make a smooth brow henna paste from the eyebrows kit with a consistency similar to honey. Before using it, give it five minutes.

Step 2: Mina Brow Shampoo and Mina Brow Scrub should be used before to applying henna since clean skin allows henna to be absorbed more efficiently. It’s done to clean the brows and get rid of skin oils so they stay stained longer. You can use the henna paste made with the henna brow kit after mapping the eyebrows with Mina Brow Paste or Mina Pre-Inked Charcoal Mapping Thread.

Step 3: Apply the henna paste to the marked areas using a Mina Brow Brush. The henna eyebrow dye should be used to tint the eyebrow for brows that look natural. Work from the brow’s beginning to its tail. Ensure that your lines are precise.

Step 4: Finally, wipe the henna eyebrow dye off after 15 to 20 minutes or clean it with Mina Brow Cleanser. The color will be better absorbed by the skin for up to 6 days, and the effect will last longer on brow hair for up to 6 weeks. You can reapply to get a darker shade.

The Mina Ibrow Henna Brow Kit is a convenient one-stop method for coloring your eyebrows that will give you naturally denser, fuller, and brow-tiful brows. Its smudge-proof, water-proof solution gives even thin brows stunning depth that lasts for up to 6 weeks.

We appreciate teaching others how to achieve the same look without having to spend as much money on procedures like microblading or eyebrow implants since we adore our thick, full brows.

We’ve found that most people want the same look since thick, dramatic brows are currently the most popular beauty trend, influenced by gorgeous women like Cara Delevigne and Lily Collins.

Henna brows provide the appearance of tattooed brows, making them appear bigger, thicker, and denser. In order to fill in the sparse brows, Mina ibrow Henna offers a natural substitute for chemical brow tinting that lasts up to 6 weeks on the brows and 6 days on the skin underneath.

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