An Ultimate Guide To Different Kurtis For Women: Styling Tips

Who wouldn’t want to look trendy in a Kurti? After all, it is among the most stylish and at ease outfits available. It is an essential Indian ethnic dress for every woman’s wardrobe and is appropriate for both casual and formal wear. Kurti for women offers a light, comfortable appearance. Additionally, it is the ideal option for students and college students.

Kurti for women, is the understated beauty of any occasion or gathering, no matter what. You can have several different Kurti styles in your closet and be considering how to style them. The options are truly endless. We are going to give mix-and-match styling advice for kurtis in today’s blog post.

How to style different kurti for women?

Every day that goes by, a new fashion trend in traditional clothes emerges. Any woman is set for any event with a pair of kurtis and leggings, whether it’s a daytime stroll or an evening party. For decades, this traditional attire has dominated the fashion world. The genuine styles are made to fit individual personalities and body types. The wide variety of Anarkali, Angraka, and dhoti-style kurtis, which are current trends dictating the fashion industry, should be added. We shall today reveal the hidden meaning behind each ethnic style statement made by your fashion divas. We will talk about various kurti patterns for your upcoming celebrations and occasions and how to style them.

  1. Tail cut kurtis

A popular pattern that resembles a C-cut type is the tail cut. The trail makes them longer from the back, which adds to their beauty. This look has been worn by celebrities on a few occasions. Any style of the bottom can be readily used with this kurta. A trail kurti for women paired with a skirt is a stunning look. The kurti-on skirt style is appropriate for a variety of occasions and looks great at any social gathering. Pair your tail-cut kurti with a clutch or a sling bag to complete the look, and you are all set to go. 

  1. Dhoti style kurtis

Dhoti, historically a piece of clothing for Indian boys and men, has undergone a modern makeover and been transformed into a piece of clothing for women too. Breechclout pants are extremely lightweight, comfortable but fashionable, and appropriate for wearing throughout the year. You will appear fashionable if you wear them with a jacket, prime, or kurta. One such elegant style with lovely tassels running from the side is the black dhoti set. Kurti for women can be worn to formal or informal events. They can also be worn to parties bottomless or paired up with leggings or stockings. To complete the look, wear double studs, ear jackets or ear cuffs.

  1. Indo-western kurtis

The simple, elegant lines of Indo-western kurti for women appear upscale in calming earth tones. This type of kurti comes in a variety of lengths, from short to long, and has a completely unique pattern for every body type.   This kurti can be paired with a crinkled skirt or high-waisted palazzos. Indo-western kurtis complement modern gold jewellery wonderfully. One can pair this kurti with boots, bellies, pumps or casual shoes. 

  1. Floor-length gown kurtis

Floor-length kurtis are a fusion of western and Indian cultures. Customers have been blown away by its ethnic appearance, adaptability, and customizable options. It is a must-have because of its unique and imaginative thinking, as well as its brilliant finishing touch. And almost every body type can wear it. You can accessorise floor-length gown kurtis with bangles, jhumkas or chandbali earrings. You can further pair them up with heels, flats or kohlapuris. 

  1. Cape kurti

The women are every house’s superhero. Thus, it is only fair that they possess their own capes. If not, kurta’s cape might do. This kurti has a second piece of cloth that is either sewn onto the first piece or is separate from it. With its Indo-Western ultra-chic designs of this kind, the designers have raised the bar. Typically worn for festivities or special events, these Kurtis are designer garments. They can be worn with churidars to complete the style, dhoti pants can add some funk, or leggings and tights can keep it basic. Keep it simple with a beautiful necklace, a handbag, stud earrings, etc., because the cape serves as more than enough of an accessory.

  1. Double layered kurtis

As the name implies, a double-layered kurti has two layers and adds more flair to the ensemble. Contrary to overlay Kurtis, which are two pieces, double-layered Kurtis include an additional layer that is stitched. The dark and light shades of the layers can be complementary or completely different hues, or they can be from the same color family.  Double-layered kurti for women is one of the clothes that are most in demand right now. They look fantastic with leggings, palazzos, jeggings, churidars, and tights. Kurtis can be accessorized to maintain their ethnic appearance with gold-plated traditional Indian jewelry, spiked or multilayered necklaces, lovely drop earrings, ear jackets, and a chic handbag or tote bag.

The Kurti for women have remained trendy, and it appears that they will continue to do so. If worn with appropriate jewelry and footwear, kurtas for women are one of the greatest choices for colleges, workplaces, festivals, and formal wear.


Kurti for women is a versatile piece of clothing that can be paired with anything and worn for any occasion because it is not only flexible to adapt but also elegant and comfortable. For all occasions, kurtis are the best choice for university students and women. Kurtis for women has become increasingly popular, and fashion designers are responding by creating several Kurtis that match the most recent styles. As a result, there are numerous options available to the wearer, including both conventional and Indo-Western fashions, as well as a vast selection of designs, cuts, and patterns.

With so many different kurtis and styles to wear, choose and buy from a variety of kurtis that best suits your needs from Tata CliQ today! 

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