Anahola Accident Anahola Accident

This post will explain the Anahola accident. For more information about Anahola accidents, please read the complete article.

Are you aware about the Anahola road accident? Road accidents are commonplace today. We listen to different accident news every two to three days. Anahola is located in Hawaii, United States. Anahola was the site of an accident on the road a few days earlier.

Anahola’s accidents over the past few days are discussed here. In this article Anahola accident, the causes and consequences of the accident will be discussed.

Details of an Accident

Friday, 15 April 2022 saw an accident at mile marker 15, North of Anahola. Multi-transport collision caused the accident. Reports indicate that several vehicles crashed into each other due to traffic.

Many vehicles collided with one another. Due to this accident, the roads were closed. Our research shows that traffic is being restricted on both sides of the road. Further details on the accident are yet to be revealed.

Anahola Accident

Anahola witnessed another accident on Wednesday night, just before 9 PM. The accident occurred at mile marker 12. Although no injuries were reported, the vehicles were damaged. According to reports, a Honda SUV car was travelling northbound along a southbound lanes when it collided with an oncoming Subaru SUV SUV.

The Mazda pickup truck collided with Subaru in the southbound. Both vehicles sustained major damage. The Subaru driver, who is 45 years old, sustained no injuries. Both the driver of the pickup truck and his passenger were uninjured. Both were checked by doctors.

More details Anahola accident

The Honda SUV driver was immediately arrested. Carmen Rodarte, a nineteen-year old Anahola girl was the driver. It was believed that she was driving after having consumed an intoxicant. Carmen was taken by police into custody. She was released on bail after having paid $750.

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Numerous accidents occur every day. These accidents took place in Anahola, United States, a few days before. The Anahola Accident on Wednesday didn’t cause any injuries. The vehicles have been smashed.

We haven’t been able to find any details regarding Friday’s accident. The accident was caused by collisions of vehicles. The investigation continues. Once the investigation is completed and all details have been released, we will continue to upload additional details. This page will contain all information regarding the accident.


In this article, you will find information about the Anahola accident. The accident resulted in no injuries to either the driver or the passenger. The vehicles are still in good condition. Many readers were interested in the Anahola accident. This article provides information on recent accidents. Click this link to learn more.

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