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Andre Furtado, a vibrant 21-year-old entrepreneur hailing from Dudley, England, is causing a stir on Love Island 2023. An alumnus of Birmingham City University with a degree in business economics, Furtado recently ventured into the business world by co-founding a trendy clothing brand called Social Kids. Born on May 14, 2002, this charismatic youngster brings a fresh perspective to the reality TV show with his wit, charm, and multi-linguistic skills.

Who is Andre Furtado?

Known for his quick-to-fall-in-love attitude and charming personality, Andre has already become a sensation among the Love Island viewers. He envisions an idyllic first date that includes strawberry picking and a romantic gesture, showcasing his adventurous and sentimental side. Fluent in four languages – Portuguese, Creole, English, and Spanish, he uses his linguistic skills to enchant the ladies in the villa and create an enriching environment for everyone.

Andre Furtado in Love Island

With his youthful energy and ambition, Andre Furtado is making a splash as a contestant on Love Island 2023. Despite being the youngest male islander, Andre’s maturity is evident through his entrepreneurial spirit and intellectual conversations. He embraces his charm and good looks, believing his ability to make women fall in love simply by speaking Portuguese will help him woo the ladies in the villa.

Andre’s Journey in the Villa

Andre is determined to leave a lasting impression on Love Island 2023, with his eyes set on finding his perfect match. While he admits to having a wandering gaze, he is dedicated to putting in the effort needed to succeed in the reality show. His captivating persona, coupled with his impressive business acumen and linguistic capabilities, sets Andre apart from his fellow contestants.

Age and Height

At 21, Andre’s vivacious personality brings a youthful exuberance to Love Island. While his exact height has not been specified, it’s his vibrant character and extraordinary linguistic abilities that make him a standout contestant.

A Closer Look at Andre Furtado

Andre’s charismatic persona and multilingual abilities have quickly made him a favorite among Love Island viewers. Despite his age, his dynamism, entrepreneurial spirit, and fresh take on love and relationships bring a unique dynamic to the reality TV show. As the competition heats up, Andre’s confident charm and linguistic fluency promise to keep both the viewers and his fellow islanders captivated.


Andre Furtado’s impressive language skills, business acumen, and charming personality are shaping him as a standout contestant on Love Island 2023. While his journey on the show is still unfolding, one thing is clear: Andre is ready to use his unique set of skills and endearing charm to make his mark on Love Island.

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