Android 11: How to install the latest version of the operating system?

  • Upgrading to Android 11 is now available. Learn here how to download the software, what the compatible devices are, and what’s new.

Android 11 made its official debut in early September and, since then, tech giants have worked on implementing this new software in their device catalog. Here’s how to access the update and what its main features are.

How to upgrade to Android 11?

To install the latest version of the operating system, you must first make sure that your device is one of the supported models. Then go to settings < System < Advanced < Check for updates.

In case Android 11 is already available for your smartphone, a notification with the installation file will appear on the screen. Click the download button to start the process. Once it is fully completed, the device will restart and the new software will have been deployed.

Android 11 features

Notification improvements:

New messaging app messages will now have a dedicated space in the notifications section to make it easier to manage conversations in one place. You can also prioritize the chats of key people.

Bubbles for messaging apps:

As part of multitasking tools, Android 11 introduces new chat bubbles for messaging apps (such as Facebook Messenger). This will make it easier to access conversations while browsing other apps at the same time.

Screen Recording:

Finally, all devices with this version of Android will have a native function to record the screen and will be available from the Quick Settings panel. Users will be able to capture videos with the sound of the microphone, the system, or both.

Smart Device Control:

Users will now be able to access and control all their smart devices connected by Google Home from the smartphone’s shutdown menu, which can be entered by pressing the power button for a few seconds.

Android Auto:

This platform finally works wirelessly for all Android 11 phones, as long as you have a compatible cart. This allows you to get instructions from Google Assistant, as well as play music and send messages using voice commands.

Access permissions:

With Android 11, unique permissions arrive, giving apps one-time access to sensitive features such as a microphone, camera, and location. The next time the app needs to make use of these sensors, you will need to request authorization again.

Unused applications:

For security and privacy reasons, Android 11 will automatically reset access permissions for all apps that haven’t been used for a good time and send a notification every time you do so.

How do I know if I can install Android 11?

Each smartphone manufacturer is responsible for presenting its own list of models compatible with the new operating system, accompanied by a schedule that informs users when the installation package will arrive on their device.

In recent months, the first phones that will be able to access this update have already been announced and, as time goes on, more will be added. To find out if you can install Android 11, you need to check the roadmap shared by your smartphone brand.

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