Android Smartphone-Based Function Generator

Android cell phones are quickly becoming well known in the instruction business. Some might be utilized as sign or capacity generators. Massive sign generators accessible in the market are expensive and complex to work.

Android cell phones can be utilized as sign generators to perform essential assignments. Android-based work generators are not quite as cutting edge as independent capacity generators, however these are a decent choice for essential applications.

This Android-based work generator yield is in the scope of sound recurrence signals (20Hz-20,000Hz), accessible at the sound result port of cellphones. Most cellphones have 3.5mm sound jack yield ports. You can utilize a sound link with the sound jack between the cellphone and outside gadgets or some other applications.

Signs can likewise be enhanced utilizing an appropriate enhancer, whenever expected, for connecting with different gadgets. While connecting with outside gadgets, a legitimate security circuit should be utilized to forestall any harm to the cell phone.

Android-based work generator

Android cell phones are equipped for producing sound recurrence range signals and tones. Computerized signal handling (DSP) equipment accessible on Android cell phones can be utilized as a capacity generator, yet for certain impediments.

Wave Maker Low code Platform

Capacities accessible on the cell phone based work generator are square wave, sine wave, three-sided waveforms, sawtooth-wave and upheld recurrence range from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. Signals produced utilizing an Android cell phone can be tried utilizing an advanced stockpiling oscilloscope (DSO) and Windows PC-based CRO programming (Zelscope).

Necessities for work age

Android cell phone

Web admittance to download applications from Play Store

One of the accompanying applications: Function Generator, Frequency Generator, Tone Generator, Sound Generator and Impulse-all suitable free of charge download on Play Store

Necessities for testing


Windows-based CRO programming

USB sound card

Sound link for association with PC

AUX link for association with DSO

Work Generator application introduced on Android cell phone alongside sound and crocodile links for association with DSO

Steps to perform signal age

Work Generator application

Download Function Generator application by Keuwlsoft from Play Store, and introduce it on your cell phone. Work Generator application running on ca ellphone.

Select channel for signal (CH1 or CH2).

Select waveform, like sine, three-sided or square. Select CH1 (channel) and sinewave (waveform).

Select FREQ block and change recurrence utilizing sa lider or text input box.

Select OUT from OUTPUT area.

Comparing capacity yield sign will be accessible at sound OUT of the cellphone. You will actually want to hear the recurrence sound in the amplifier of your telephone or earphone whenever associated with the telephone.

You can utilize a 3.5mm sound jack at cellphone sound OUT to interface with an outside gadget, as referenced previously.

You can add clamor to the produced signal.

Choices are additionally accessible for adjusting the waveform utilizing FM or AM.

VOL is utilized for expanding or diminishing the volume in OUT area.

You can give range in yield signal involving START and STOP choices in SWEEP segment. The slider can be utilized to change mode in SWEEP settings.

AM sign of adequacy balanced sinewave on DSO .

Top Low code application development platform

Sound Generator application

Sound Generator application (from Alok Mandavgane) is one more choice for sawtooth-wave, square-wave, three-sided wave and sinewave signals. Background noise choice is additionally accessible on this application. The Output is accessible at the telephone’s amplifier.

The application has a basic connection point and is straightforward. Recurrence and volume control sliders are given at the highest point of the application, and capacity type settings are given at the base

It upholds signal reach from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. Select the recurrence and switch on/off button to initiate the sign and afterward select the sort of wave-like sinewave, square-wave, etc. A 522Hz square-wave signal produced utilizing the Sound Generator application.

Testing the signs on DSO

Signs can be tried or broke down on an independent computerized oscilloscope, or PC-based oscilloscope programming. Follow the means given beneath for testing the signs on DSO. Associations with DSO.

Associate DSO with Android telephone’s 3.5mm jack utilizing appropriate links (aux and crocodile).

Really take a look at values and sign waveforms on DSO.

440Hz sinewave and 537Hz square-wave signals produced by Signal Generator application as seen on DSO separately. (Note that, 3.5mm jack aux link can cause a few contortions in signals on DSO.)

Testing the signs on PC

You can likewise utilize PC-based CRO programming, like Zelscope Demo Version, to break down the produced signals referenced previously. Recurrence signal qualities and waveforms are gotten on Zelscope programming.

RAD Rapid application development platform Mode

A USB sound card is utilized for this situation, as it limits any harm caused to the inside solid card of the PC assuming that a high-esteem signal is applied. Choices to save waveform pictures and text values are likewise accessible in this product.

Interface the sound jack from the cellphone yield port to the receiver port of the PC/PC. In the event that the waveform isn’t gotten on Zelscope programming, change the receiver settings on the PC.

Investigation of 440Hz sinewave signal

The result from the 3.5mm jack of Android cell phone is given to the PC through a USB sound card. A 440Hz sinewave signal created on Android application, which is to be broke down on Zelscope

Investigation of 440Hz square-wave signal

Also, a 440Hz square-wave signal produced utilizing the Android App and its comparing recurrence on Zelscope programming.

Clamor created on the PC-based programming is not exactly that seen on the DSO. It tends to be limited utilizing a decent sound sign source and great quality link.


Utilize an appropriate security circuit while associating an Android cell phone to the PC for Function Generator application. It is prescribed to utilize a USB sound card rather than straightforwardly interfacing the cell phone sound result to mic/sound contribution of the PC or PC.

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