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Types of Bangles to wear with beige Wedding Lehenga

Wedding Jewelry is a fundamental piece of the quintessential Indian bride’s outfit. Even though the jewelry showstoppers are the wedding necklace but the bangles add a different charm altogether to the wedding outfit.  

The ceremony of engagement, the Chura function for the bride, the Kalire function, and, obviously, the Mehndi function, these all ceremonies revolve around the bride’s hands, and yes! the hands.

Adding a little more sparkle to those pretty hands of the bride. We have assembled a vibrant exhibit of various styles of marriage bangles for you. Select one of the bangles that best suits your outfit.

  1. Kangan ‘Gold Plated Bangles’

The most traditional type of wedding bangles, thick golden Kangans are luxurious and magnificent. They are typically emphasized with complex itemizing going up and down the outline. Some Kangans are encrusted with valuable gemstones to give a royal look. These are an heirloom that is gifted to the bride from the mother of the bridegroom (mother-in-law).

  1. Diamond Bangles

Diamond bangles are the most suitable decision for the bride who wants to keep it simple yet elegant. Bangles encrusted with valuable precious diamonds are exemplary pieces of adornments that won’t ever become unfashionable. The way that they go with any outfit and add the ideal measure of shimmer, is a special reward. This is an unquestionable requirement to have in each wedding attire!

  1. Glass Bangles

Try not to be tricked by the simplicity of a glass bangle, Choodiyan – ‘the glass bangles’ have made quite far. They are accessible in shades of color and are a treat to the eyes. Green glass bangles are a piece of a quintessential Marathi lady’s Shringhar. When combined with other marriage bangles like Kada and Kangan, they look totally beautiful and add a striking pop of colors to the whole bridal outfit. Buy these glass bangles online. 

  1. Bridal Chura

The wedding chura for the bride holds extraordinary importance for a lady. They are something beyond a staggering decoration, they are a blessing and great wish that she carries from her friends and family. Generally, they are set of maroon and ivory white bangles, in any case, these days they are accessible in many tones for the lady to coordinate her outfit with.

  1. Gokhru Bangle

The Gokhru is the traditional Rajasthani wedding bangles.  They transcend your wrist with complex filigree work going up and down the thickness. When adorned by the lady bride, It is the highlighted feature of the whole attire.

  1. Pearl Bangle

Pearls add a marvelous dreamy kind impact to any buy jewellery online piece and wedding bangles are no special case. Pearl bangles are the ideal accomplice for any wedding outfit as they work out positively for any shade of dress and any style of adornments. A gold base band decorated with miniature pearls will add a smidgen of enchanting immaculateness to any marriage clothing. Search for various ideas on wedding bangles online.

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