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How to Throw a Kid’s Birthday Party of a Celebrity Caliber

For some parents, their childrens’ birthdays are a time for outdoor camping trip celebrations and spending quality time with the family. 

Conversely, if you and your husband or wife enjoy nothing more than pulling out all the stops to host the party of the century, then this article is for you. Continue reading for some top tips on how to throw a kid’s birthday party of a celebrity caliber. 

Treat them to Designer Cupcakes

If you reside in Los Angeles or the surrounding area, then you are in luck, as not only are there plenty of cake stores and bakeries that specialize in designer cupcakes, but the ultimate cupcake provider, Georgetown Cupcakes, is based there. 

For those living a good distance from the store, there are, of course, a plethora of other incredibly skilled bakers and cake decorators who will be more than obliging to create a couple of trays of beautiful cupcakes—all decorated and delivered to your home. 

Elevate the Gift Bags

Now, no one is going to suggest that—in your quest to emulate the way in which celebrity parents organize their party bags for kids once they leave the event—you should buy 20 Tiffany bracelets (unless you can afford it, of course).

However, you still could add a touch of the unique and class to the goody bags, by checking out the wide and affordable range at prestigious online stores such as, and choosing a selection of bright and exciting little gifts. 

Stick to Metallics

As truly adorable as a dinosaur-themed birthday party would be for your three-year-old if you truly want to pull out all the celebrity stops, then the color scheme you choose is incredibly important. 

As a rule, stick to whites, creams, and golds for the garlands, table runners, and balloons; and let the color shine in other ways, such as the table gifts, party games, and the food and drink. However, this is absolutely not to say that there should not be a theme—in fact, quite the opposite—as celebrities love nothing more than a themed party. 

Just make sure that the theme is one that can be worked into everything from the food and drink to the decorations and party favors; and worked along a classier aesthetic with striking metallics

Provide a VIP Experience 

The other incredibly important factor to take into consideration when emulating the ultimate celebrity-inspired birthday party is to make each and every guest feel as if they are attending an exclusive party.

This VIP experience is surprisingly easier to create than you may be thinking and of course (like any exclusive event), begins with the invitations, and one entertaining way to make sure everyone saves the date is to mail out VIP pass-style invites on lanyards. 

Keeping up the VIP feel, if you are feeling particularly ostentatious, you could hire a red carpet to literally lay outside the entrance; create roped-off areas (of course accessible to everyone); and ask everyone to adhere to a themed dress code—both parents and children. 

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