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What Is Standard Poodle Weight? – Everything You Need to Know

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Poodle dogs are elegant and fancy looking. At first glance, you might be tempted to believe that looking pretty and fancy is all they have to offer. Despite their fancy-looking appearance it may surprise to know that they are really intelligent, they are so intelligent that they were ranked top 10 by the American Kennel Club which is a huge fit to achieve if you know how strict that organization is when it comes to analysing dogs. It goes to say that Poodles are a cut above average when it comes to intelligence. 

Okay, I know what you are thinking. What if they are intelligent and fancy, that should be all right? It doesn’t get better than that. Well, if you are thinking that you are also wrong. Poodles are not only beautiful and intelligent, but they are also athletic. That’s why they are widely sought after by lots of people. 

If you have read up to this point, then I’m sure you are now intrigued by the qualities of this dog breed. Questions like what’s a standard poodles weight? What do they look like? How do they behave? Should be ravaging your mind. If that’s the case, then I’m glad you have such questions because they will all be answered in this blog post. In this post, you’ll find all you need to know about this amazing dog breed.


Amid different dog breeds, you can easily spot out a poodle since its features are unique. Poodles have a pointed nose, small dark eyes, and a curly coat. Poodles are famously associated with the topiary continental clip – this ornate dog grooming style leaves curly pompons of hair that are shaped around the chest and joints. Poodles usually come in brown, black, or white coats but don’t get surprised when you see other shades like silver and apricot.


Poodles are playful, obedient, and as you already know, smart. They are not the aggressive type but if someone should break into your home without your notice they can alert you by barking. When you have guests over it can be difficult to tell how your Poodle would behave as they can be engaging and friendly or on some occasions choose to be reserved and shy.

Poodles are not only capable of learning new tricks quickly, they are smart enough to read their owners expressions and body language. Which shows that they can be very sensitive. Asides from being sensitive, Poodles are pretty emotional so refrain from shouting at them.

In general, Poodles are happy dogs that love to play, bounce, run and romp around. Sometimes they could play for hours and you might end up believing that they are capable of behaving that way non-stop but those behaviour tend to reduce as they grow up. Hence, you can expect your Poodles to get calmer from the age of 18 months to 2 years. 

Weight and Size

Standard male Poodles weigh around 50 to 70 pounds while females weigh around 45 to 60 pounds. The height of a standard Poodle ranges between 18 and 24 inches but anything above 15 inches can be considered a standard people since miniature Poodles are below 15 inches and toy Poodles below 10 inches.


Poodles are generally healthy dogs and have a lifespan of 12-15 years. Most reputable breeders carry out routine test breeding stock to check for health issues. So when selecting a purebred from such reputable breeders and you care to research about the dog before buying it, you’ll be able to gain information about the dog’s lineage and the health problems that run in the family if at all there’s any. Those pieces of information are important because Poodles are likely to suffer from health conditions such as eye problems, hip dysplasia, Addison’s disease, and bloat. Knowing those health problems will help you better take care of your Poodles.

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