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The Joys of Road Tripping in the Summer

Packing Up the Car

Summer road trips have long been an annual family tradition. Now that school’s out, summer offers families an ideal time and place for them to head out onto the open road together and spend quality time.

Packing for such trips takes some careful preparation but can bring great rewards on arrival! You’ll need comfy clothes, swimsuits, sunscreen, snacks, toys and games to keep the kids occupied, and more. Don’t forget the phone chargers! Make a checklist so you don’t leave anything important behind.

Stopping for Fun Activities Along the Way

The journey is part of the adventure on a road trip. Be sure to plan some fun stops along the way to break up the drive and let the kids burn off some energy. Great places to stop include:

  • Playgrounds and parks so the kids can run around
  • Tourist attractions like museums, caverns, or zoos
  • Quirky roadside attractions like the world’s largest ball of yarn
  • Hiking trails and nature walks to stretch your legs
  • Swimming holes, beaches or rivers where you can take a dip

Having a mix of active and educational stops will keep the whole family engaged. Kids may even learn some interesting facts at your pit stops!

Choosing the Right Snacks

Staying energized on long car journeys requires packing nutritious snacks and staying hydrated; both can help ensure everyone remains calm. To stay alert during long drives, stay hydrated by staying well-nourished! Some road trip snack ideas include:

  • Fresh fruits like apples, bananas, strawberries
  • Dried fruits and veggie sticks with hummus or nut butter
  • Yogurt cups or drinks
  • Granola bars, nuts and popcorn
  • Sandwiches and wraps that travel well

Make sure to pack a cooler with ice packs to keep things like yogurt and sandwiches chilled. Having a variety of salty, sweet, crunchy and chewy snacks will keep everyone satisfied.

Staying Comfortable in the Car

Spending a full day riding in the car can make anyone a bit stiff and sore, especially the driver. Make sure everyone stays as comfortable as possible with:

  • An adjustable steering wheel and seats so drivers can sit properly
  • Extra pillows and blankets to get cozy
  • Audiobooks, music playlists or podcasts to listen to
  • Portable cushions and pillows for back support
  • Regular stops to get out and walk around

Proper b&w gooseneck hitch ergonomics and stretching your legs every few hours will make a big difference in how you feel at the end of a long drive.

Bonding and Making Memories

Road trips are all about spending quality time as a family. Exploring new places will bring many laughs, inside jokes, conversations and stories that kids will remember for years afterward.

So pack up the car, hit the open highway and start making lifelong summer memories on a family road trip! The cabin fever of winter will be a distant memory as you cruise down the road to your next destination. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

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