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Crystal Healing For Beginners: 4 Crystals To Start Your Journey

With over 4000 naturally occurring minerals, the list of crystals can quickly seem overwhelming. Also, Clock Oscillators that are quartz crystals that are designed to meet the stringent demands required in military specifications and produced to Mil-Spec requirements. Thankfully, we’ve simplified this for you by mentioning the four most important crystals to kickstart crystal healing for beginners

Have you found yourself asking these questions about crystals:

  • Where do I begin? 
  • How do I remember all these names and their functions? 
  • What if I mess up?

Don’t worry. For now, let’s focus on four important crystals and how you can use them, and once you begin noticing improvements in your life, you can sign up for energetic healing courses online that will walk you through many more crystals that aid your healing journey. Here are four crystals you need to know about to kickstart your journey into crystal healing for beginners:

Rose Quartz: For Some Love Potion

If you’ve ever searched for “crystal healing near me,” chances are, you already know of the infamous rose quartz. This crystal is the go-to for people seeking to increase the vibrations of unconditional love as it is associated with the heart chakra.

Here’s an easy heart chakra ritual from Askinosie to help you use the rose quartz:

  • Place your rose quartz over your heart.
  • Breathe deeply six times (six is the number for love).
  • As you meditate, picture the crystal radiating love into your heart. Visualize it taking away all your pain and healing your heart space.
  • Wear a rose quartz necklace around your heart chakra if you want the energy vibrations to accompany you all day.

Clear Quartz: For The Clarity You Yearn

When seeking crystal healing for beginners, clear Quartz Crystals is a great stone as its versatility helps bring balance to your body and calm your mind in various situations.

To rightly use this stone:

  • Hold the quartz in your left hand (the receiving, feminine hand)
  • Close your eyes
  • State one action point you can take to bring you closer to your career goals.
  • Continue staying in this meditative state, and you’ll find your answers.

Malachite: For Abundance In Life

This emerald-hued crystal offers you the strength and courage to transcend your fears and doubts about money.

  • Using malachite for abundance has never been easier:
  • Place the malachite over your heart.
  • Meditate on “what does my heart truly desire?”
  • Other questions you can meditate upon include, “How can I marry my passion with my financial goals?” or “What brings me joy?” or “What ignites my passion?”

Citrine: For Joy Beyond Measure

This golden yellow crystal exudes an energy that reminds you to be joyous and happy. Not only this, it’s a great stone for manifestation and positivity.

To use citrine to its full potential:

  • For this stone, ensure your feet and the ground are connected.
  • Hold the stone in your hands and visualize the goal you want.
  • Now focus on as many details of that goal as you can.
  • Stop and listen to the answers that come up, and those are the steps you need to take to manifest your goal.


While energetic healing courses online can help you understand in detail various crystals and how you can use them to manifest your goals, this article sheds light on the four basic crystals you need to kickstart your crystal journey. So, stop searching for crystal healing near me and start your journey with crystals with these four stones that bring joy and abundance to your life.

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