Stock Your Redgum Firewood Before Stock Gets Sold Out!

Redgum firewood for sale that we see across local and online stores has been a trending thing. It is a durable, versatile, and dense hardwood used mainly for construction, flooring, decking, and making furniture. The reason it is used for so many purposes is because of its dark, ṣhot redwood. As a result, it is one of Australia’s best-selling wood logs sold by firewood suppliers. Many suppliers admit that there’s no other wood category as fine as redgum. 

Let’s take a quick overview of the features that this wood type holds. 

Available Heat 

Firewood is often classified for its available heat capacity. This term is usually the measure of the specific wood’s heat when it’s burning. The content of the heat is portrayed in percentage. One can calculate the percentage by calculating the density or dry weight of the wood logs by 11.2. However, redgum firewood usually has around 12% or more. Plus, the presence of volatile oils increases the output of the heat. 


Now, density is measured with log’s dry weight per volume and is normally measured in Kg/m3. The denser or heavier the wood, the longer it will burn and have more heat volume. Taking an example, forest redgum sold in Australia is two-thirds times denser than the standard pine. Technically, it has a density of 1200kg/m3 if it is unseasoned. Whereas the seasoned wood in redgum has a density of 1000kg/m3. Now, this practice proves that softwood burns faster than hardwood. The reason being is that softwoods produce taller and hotter fire. Contrarily, hardwoods also produce extreme heat as it burns steadily, covering more time. 


This term is a clear reference to how easily the wood logs can be lit. Redgum has been a versatile option, even if it takes more time to ignite than the softwood categories. Consumers love buying redgum firewood on sale as the burn lasts longer, especially when dried and seasoned well.


This is a process that splits the wood logs. Bear in mind a softer grain is easier to split as compared to the tighter grained woods. Rest, it again depends on how well the firewood supplier seasons the logs. Hence, redgum has more straight, fine grains, which are easy to split.

Ultimately, if you are thinking of buying firewood from the sale, redgum could be your next favourite option. So what are you waiting for? Place your order with a reliable supplier before the stock gets sold out.

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