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How To Talk To Your Crush?

Have you liked a boy or a girl and you don’t know how to approach him or her or what excuse making to talk to him or her. With these tips on how to talk to your crush you will find recommendations to talk to that special person for the first time, excuses to talk to him or her and some tips so that you can face the first conversation easily, naturally and effectively. Let’s start first with what to talk about with a guy?

  • Ask him for help: If you go to the same class, ask him for help in a subject that you know he is good at. It will be the perfect excuse to break the ice and spend some time together. If these study encounters are repeated, they will gradually become friends and trust each other.
  • Throw a party: Talk to your friends, throw a party and invite him and his friends. Make sure to also invite friends you have in common, as that will increase the chances that they will attend.
  • Pretend a chance meeting: If you know what time he has a certain class or when he goes to an activity, fake a chance meeting with him and take the opportunity to break the ice and start a conversation. If you don’t know what to say, you can pull a classic like: “Hey! You are with me in class of…. »

Excuses To Talk To Your Crush

In case you haven’t talked to your crush yet and you don’t know what excuse use to start a conversation, these tips to find the perfect excuse is the ideal

  • Comment on your favorite series: If you know that you are a follower of a series, take the opportunity to comment on the most recent chapter or a scene that caught your attention for some reason.
  • Comment on their publications: Follow them on networks and comment on their publications. This will give you an excuse to talk to him or her and will give you information to start conversations at another time.
  • Remember the likes of him: It is a good excuse to talk to your crush at any time. How to use it? Imagine that you are shopping in a mall and you see some merchandise from his favorite series… in that case you can send him a photo and accompany it with a text that says something like: «I have seen this shirt and I have remembered you».
  • Ask for someone’s number: A classic that never fails, ask for the contact of a common acquaintance. If you don’t know what excuse using to talk to your crush, be sure it works for you; Of course, since you manage to start a conversation, take advantage of it and do not hang up, talk for a while with him.
  • Comment on his profile picture: If you see that the boy you like or that special girl has changed his profile picture, take the opportunity to comment. If you are embarrassed to tell him something about his appearance

How To Talk To Your Crush By Message

What to talk about with a girl? You have already got the phone number of the boy or girl you like, but now come the difficult part. How to talk to him on whatsapp? Here are some very simple recommendations to apply so that you break the ice and be easy.

  • Avoid closed-ended questions: If you ask closed-ended questions like, “Do you like coffee?”, You run the risk of the answer being yes or no. If all the questions are of that style, you will soon run out of conversation and will get nervous.
  • Provoke rapprochement: Look for double meaning in their responses and flirt a bit. If there is chemistry between you, this can help you get closer and gain confidence. Do not abuse this, use it just to play a bit but remember that you should not base the whole conversation on that.
  • It poses a question and answer game: A fun option to start a conversation by message in a fun way that will also help you get to know each other more.
  • Be natural: Above all you have to be you. Do not pretend to be someone you are not because in the end your crush will notice and feel cheated.

If you and your crush have already spoken and you feel that the connection and attraction is mutual, do not hesitate to propose a game that is as sensual as it is fun

How to declare your crush

If you are really clear and think that the time has come to declare yourself to your crush, here are some tips that can help you when asking to leave.

Share a playlist: create a playlist with special or meaningful songs and share it with him. If you choose the songs well, your crush will have no doubt that you are declaring yourself. Prepare some special message to send him when he has listened to the songs and that he leaves the ball in his court.

Do it with humor: if you want to declare yourself to your crush in a simple and fun way, make a meme in which you ask him out. Whatever the answer, you will surely find it fun and original.

Naturalness: choose a time when you can be alone such as leaving class, on the way home, playing sports, and being natural and direct. Tell him that he is someone very special to you, that you have many things in common, and that you have feelings for him. Surely your crush values the sincerity with which you speak to him because often natural things are what we like the most.

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