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When it comes to tablets, the iPad dominates the global market with more than 50% of the global market share.

While the iPad was launched back in 2010, Apple has consistently upgraded the tablet every year and even introduced a few new models. This led to Apple now offering the iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, and two iPad Pro models. In this way, Apple has an iPad for just about everyone.

Having an iPad is one thing, but mastering it is a completely different story. This is because Apple included a ton of shortcuts and tricks to make using an iPad that much easier.

Want to learn more about how to master the Apple iPad? You’re in the right place. Here’s a quick guide on the most popular tips, tricks, and shortcuts you should know.

The Apple iPad

Apple may have launched the first iPad back in 2010 but they have consistently released additional models over the years. This started with the iPad Air and further expanded with the iPad mini and the iPad Pro modes. The iPad mini came in a smaller form factor while the iPad Pro was an upgraded version of the iPad Air.

While the iPad Pro is the flagship model in Apples range, the standard iPad is the most popular. This is because its the most affordable iPad that you can get your hands on. However, the iPad still comes with an impressive processor and enough performance to dominate everyday tasks.

The latest version of the iPad is the tenth generation and comes with an entirely new design. This modern design makes the iPad look like the rest of the iPad range as it ditches the home button for flat edges. This gives the entire iPad a sleek, modern design. 

Impressive iPad Features

The iPad comes with the same 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display that’s found in the iPad Air. While this does not have ProMotion, it comes with True Tone so that the screen is always gentle on your eyes. The iPad comes with the A14 Bionic chip, a 12 MP camera module, and an ultrawide front camera that supports face tracking. 

Unlike the iPad Pro which comes with Face ID, the iPad includes a fingerprint scanner in the lock button. However, the iPad supports the Apple Pencil to make navigation and note-taking effortless. The entry-level model comes with 64 GB of storage while there’s also a 256 GB option for those who need a bit more space. 

Popular iPad Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts

As mentioned above, the iPad is one of the most innovative tablets on the market. Here’s a quick look at the most popular iPad tips, tricks, and shortcuts that you should know about.

1. Creating Folders

There are millions of apps for iPad on the App Store. This is why its so important to create and organize folders on your iPad to keep track of where things are. The latest version of iOS also comes with tons of modern widgets that you can place on your screen, allowing you to customize the entire experience. 

2. Screenshots

When it comes to taking screenshots, you don’t need to worry about reaching for multiple buttons at the same time. Apple makes it easy to take a screenshot with the Apple Pencil as you can just swipe up from the bottom left corner of the display. This action does more than just take a screenshot, it also launches markup to let you edit the screenshot as well.

3. The Secret Trackpad

When youre using your keyboard in some apps, you can actually turn it into a trackpad. All you have to do is use two fingers on the trackpad and it will automatically become a trackpad to help you scroll around. This makes navigation a breeze.

4. Get a Case

One of the most important iPad tips to keep in mind is to always get a premium case. This is because buying an iPad is a serious investment and you should always make sure that your investment is protected. If you’re looking for premium options, you need to look at a few of the latest i-Blason cases for iPads.

5. Multitasking with Slideover

Apple has created a few different ways to multitask on the new iPad. The three dots at the top of the screen lets you decide how you want to multitask as you can choose to split your screen or launch another app as a floating panel on the screen. The floating panel is known as Slideover and lets you stack a few different apps on the same panel. 

In this way, you can swipe between multiple apps on that panel. 

6. AirPlay and AirPrint

The Apple iPad comes with the latest Bluetooth technology to enable both AirPlay and AirPrint. This means that you can effortlessly stream video and music from your iPad to other devices with AirPlay and connect to printers wirelessly with AirPrint as well. 

7. Dark Mode

If you love living in the dark, Apples Dark Mode is perfect for you. All you have to do is switch on Dark Mode in the settings app, but you can view the entire operating system in that way. You can also automatically switch between Light Mode and Dark Mode on the same page.

Master Your New iPad

With just a few iPad tips, you can master your new iPad. Whether you have an iPad mini or the top-of-the-range iPad Pro, Apple has loaded its devices with tons of features to make your life easier. From multitasking to taking a screenshot with a single stroke of the Apple Pencil, the iPad can handle it all with ease. 

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