Are there any ways to avoid the GamStop system?

The GamStop system has become an important tool in combating the issue of gambling addiction and protecting players from potential dependency. It allows players to self-exclude from online casinos and other gambling platforms in the United Kingdom. However, many players are exploring ways to bypass this system in order to continue their gaming activity without restrictions, a practice commonly referred to as get round GamStop. In this article, we will explore various aspects of this issue, including the main reasons for bypassing the GamStop system, possible bypass methods, risks and consequences of such actions, as well as alternative approaches to controlling gambling activities.

Main Reasons for Bypassing the GamStop System

Researching the motivation of players to bypass restrictions helps to understand why some individuals make this decision. Here are the main reasons:

  • Desire to continue gambling: For some players, gambling becomes an integral part of their lives, and they are not willing to stop their activities despite self-exclusion.
  • Dissatisfaction with existing restrictions: Some players may not view the GamStop system as an effective method of controlling gambling addiction and seek alternative ways to continue their gaming.
  • Financial incentives: For some players, gambling becomes a source of income, and they look for ways to bypass restrictions to continue earning money.

Possible Methods to Bypass GamStop

There are several methods and technologies that can be used to bypass the GamStop system:

  • Use of a VPN: Virtual Private Networks allow users to hide their real IP address, providing access to blocked websites.
  • Use of anonymous payment methods: Some players may use anonymous payment methods such as cryptocurrencies to bypass restrictions.
  • Search for unlicensed operators: Some gambling websites may operate without a license and not adhere to GamStop restrictions.

Risks and Consequences of Bypassing GamStop

Bypassing the GamStop system carries certain risks and consequences:

  • Legal consequences: Bypassing the GamStop system may violate gambling laws and result in legal consequences.
  • Exacerbation of gambling addiction issues: For some players, bypassing restrictions may exacerbate their gambling addiction problems as they continue to play without control.

Alternative Approaches to Addressing the Gambling Issue

In addition to the GamStop system, there are alternative approaches to addressing the gambling issue:

  • Education and counseling: Providing information and support to players with gambling problems can be an effective way to address this issue.
  • Implementation of more effective control measures: Developing more effective systems to control gambling activities that prevent bypassing and protect the interests of players.


In conclusion, bypassing the GamStop system is a complex and controversial issue that requires careful examination. While some players may attempt to bypass restrictions, it is also important to consider alternative approaches to controlling gambling activities that may be more effective and safer for all parties involved.

Christopher Stern

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