Astrology: Is There a Good Day for Gambling?

According to the ancient Chinese philosophy of feng shui, there are three days in a week that are considered luckier than others. These days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The reason is that these days fall under the Yang energy, which corresponds to masculine energy that is considered positive. The same energy is believed to that attract prosperity and happiness. Accordingly, these days are excellent for career, business, or even some gambling. 

Is There Such a Thing as the Best Day for Gambling? 

The truth is that there is no such thing as a “good day” to gamble. Aside from the online casino in the name of ”Good Day 4 Play”, there is no such thing as a ”good day” to gamble. Gambling should be done responsibly, for pure entertainment purposes, and only when you have the money to do it in a risk-free manner that will not impact your budget and well-being. Having said that, many people believe we tend to get luckier on some days of the week than others. Let us dig a little deeper into the topic of lucky days in the feng shui philosophy and learn more about lucky days and lucky numbers in astronomy. 

Good Luck-Bad Luck in Feng Shui 

Simply put, feng shui is best known to the Western world as a set of practices that tell us how to arrange the furniture in our homes or business spaces to create the perfect balance with nature. The name of the Chinese philosophy translates to “wind-water”. 

A short digression: let’s take a few minutes to Thailand. Now you will understand why. In the world of online casinos in Thailand, Feng Shui can play an amazing role in creating harmony and favorable energy for players. From the choice of colors and decor in virtual spaces to the placement of game elements, the Thai gambling platform, based on the principles of Feng Shui, strives to create a flow of positive energy to enhance the luck and well-being of players. You can experience all the charm of  Thailand online casinos at 

At its core, feng shui relies on the Yin-Yang and the Five Elements’ theories. Feng shui states that energy (called qi) is omnipresent in all things around us, representing life in itself. The same philosophy believes there is a deep balance between nature and humans through this omnipresent energy that can be both good and bad. Good feng shui translates to good fortune or good luck, while bad feng shui signifies bad fortune. accordingly, feng shui can affect a person’s destiny, having the power to attract good fortune in their life, health, and finances. While it’s hard to control the energy around us, you can take control of your luck, sign up Mostbet and placing your bets on your favorite sports.”

Wanting to attract good luck to their side, many homes, business spaces, hotels, and casinos in Asian countries have adopted feng shui’s rules when arranging their spaces. Similarly, gamblers worldwide adopted the same philosophy when setting up their homes or special gambling rooms at home. Others stick to Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as their go-day days to gamble, since they are connected to the positive yang energy in yin-yang that attracts good luck. Does any of this pay off? It may explain the success of Casino Friday in Japan but in general it’s hard to tell. Given the completely random, unexpected, and hazardous character of casino wins in general. Since casino games either rely on pure luck, chance, random number generators, or skills, it is hard to make such predictions. 

Lucky Numbers & Astrology Among Players 

Superstition is undoubtedly prevalent among gamblers. Some players believe certain tables can help them win more, while others are more focused on specific bets based on lucky numbers. Some even have their own way of rolling the dice which they believe brings good luck and better outcomes. Needless to say, some players keep an eye on their horoscope. 

  • Competitive Aries are advised to focus on poker given their ability to strive in stressful situations. Their lucky day is Tuesday and their lucky number is 9. 
  • Taurus players should focus on craps games that allow them to use their strategic thinking skills. Their lucky day is Friday and their lucky numbers are 5 or 6. 
  • Geminis may want to give live casino games a go more often, with special emphasis on Wednesdays and the number 14. 
  • Bingo is a good option for Cancers who should keep a close eye on 2s and 7s especially if it’s a Monday. 
  • Leos could exercise their leadership by playing live dealer blackjack while keeping 1 and 5 in mind as their lucky numbers. Their lucky day is Sunday.
  • Virgos have Wednesdays as their luckiest days of the week, especially if they fall on a multiple of 5 and it’s May. Blackjack is considered the best game for them. 
  • Libras’ unpredictability perfectly matches video poker. they should keep Fridays and the numbers 5,6, or 9 in mind. 
  • Scorpios are calm players who appreciate live baccarat, especially if it’s Tuesday. Lucky numbers: 1 and 7. 
  • Sagittarius players should focus on online slots especially if it’s a Thursday that falls on the third, fifth, or eighth of the month. 
  • Capricorns should take their time with live dealer roulette games and focus on 6 and 8 as their lucky numbers, especially on a Saturday. 
  • Aquarius gamblers like to use their innovative thinking skills and Texas Hol’em games are the perfect match. Their lucky numbers are 3, 7, and 9 and the best day of the week for them is Saturday. 

Finally, Pisces appreciate slots and their lucky numbers are 3 and 7. The luckiest day of the week for them is Thursday.

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