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Are you looking for inflatable aerobatic mats for the nursery, parlor, or kids’ room? At the play section of Kameymall, you will discover a large range of air track mats and acrobatic gear that can be used at home. In this way, you can stay in shape and practice your skills comfortably. Designers have air track mats for all skill levels. For the inexperienced acrobat who needs to hone their skills and the seasoned acrobat who refuses to give up.


Is your child new to aerobatics and enamored with it? Would you like to monitor your child’s development at home, in your own playroom, or living room? Overall, our recreation center air mats are the best hardware! Little children that enjoy bouncing about and have a lot of energy will want to jump and tumble on an air track mat with their friends or family.

In the event that you or your kid is a gifted athlete or power tumbler with an air track tumbling mat, it is possible to remain in shape and settle the score better consistently at home. The Gym play gear is accessible in various statutes, widths, and lengths. You will, in this manner, observe an inflatable tumbling mat for each expertise level and each age.

An acrobat air track mat with a height of 10 cm will benefit the young beginner. This height is ideal for children of a lower weight who do not yet have the wonderful acrobatic experience but need to improve. It comes in a variety of lengths. The shorter lengths are ideal for practicing energy or assembling a handful of tumbles. If you use a longer air track mat, you can build more tumbles and achieve considerably greater power and speed. If you are a skilled acrobat, a 15 cm height air track tumbling mat will provide you with an absolutely optimal take-off and ricochet. This kind is available in lengths ranging from 3 to 8 meters. The more tumbles you need to assemble, the more extended an air track mat you ought to pick.


As you get older or more competent, you’ll almost probably require a larger alternative than the standard 3m x 10cm model. A good option here would be one of the 5-meter x 15cm Airtracks, which are simply great for a gifted acrobat or experienced Airtrack client.

The more skips you get from an air track, the thicker it is. The longer a track is, the more hops and flips you can do before running out of space. However, keep in mind that larger air track mats are not just more expensive in general, but they are also heavier, which can be a concern, particularly for younger clientele. In any case, picture a situation in which you require a long Airtrack but are unable to transmit it. Well, here at Gymplay, we recently discovered a solution to that problem. The dual air track configuration.


If you want to expand your track, all of our rec center air mats can be combined with additional gymnastic expert mats of the same height. This is due to the fact that all of our tumbler mats have velcro at the ends. All you need to assemble them is a velcro connector, which you can also obtain from Gymplay. Some of the mats also have velcro on the sides, allowing them to be combined to form a larger track, allowing you to train with your friends. The velcro on the sides also allows you to attach a springboard or spring block on top of the air track mat, allowing you to gain more air.

The velcro at the closures also makes it possible to attach a grade or landing mats. With a slope, you have a more consistent run-up and may thus begin your tumbles earlier on the inflatable vaulting mat, giving you greater length in the end. If you link landing mats to the end of your air track mat, you may finish your tumbles safely while also gaining more length for the tumbles and run-up.


If you’re looking for equipment for balancing training or inventive acrobatics, our preparatory pillar is appropriate. This bar can be placed on top of a collapsing mat or one of our tumbler mats. This allows you to practice your balance in cartwheels, handsprings, and handstands. For beginners who want to master front or back handsprings, it may be useful to purchase an air barrel, which can help the tumbler move around the tumble, and so provide a safe preparation of new tumbles. This can be used on top of an air track mat for additional bob, or just on a regular mat, or in the yard for tumbling or acrobatics.

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