Back to the dating game: 5 dating reality shows to binge-watch on Netflix

We’ve missed a lot of things during the pandemic and lockdown restrictions. Dates are no exception to the rules. These five Netflix shows got our backs on reminding us just how fun dates are and why we should look forward to getting back in the dating game. 

Dating is part of everyone’s life. Whether one’s out there dating to find “the one” or simply to have some fun nights, romantic dinners, walks, movie nights or picnic dates are always on the table. But, with the entire world being put in the biggest lockdown experiment ever, we’ve all had to say “goodbye” to rendezvous. 

But, there are some Netflix shows out there that can remind us just how nice romance is. If you’re a single stuck in the middle of an ongoing pandemic, watching these five Netflix shows will remind you what dating, flirting, going out, and finding “the one” is about. Better yet, these shows may even teach you a thing or two about dating and give you a new perspective towards physical and emotional connections with others. 

Here are the most fun dating reality shows available on Netflix that you can binge-watch when you start missing dating. 

1.      Dating Around 

Dating Around really shows how things are in reality when it comes to dating multiple people before you find the one you want to move forward to a second date with. More precisely, in each episode, the show presents one dater going on five identical first dates in the exact same setting. After going on all the five similar first dates, the dater must pick one match with which to go on a second date. 

The show presents dates in which contestants get all flirty, awkward, and sometimes, they form genuine connections. What’s more, it is a relatable show for most people because we all have to go on date after date with different people until we decide that our next date will be with the person standing in front of us. 

2.      Love Is Blind

Shakespeare said that “Love is blind,” and this Netflix show wanted to test the idea and see if it’s true. 

The Love is Blind Netflix show involves a social experiment that aims to find out if love truly is blind once and for all. More precisely, the show’s purpose is to find out just how much appearance and looks matter in the process of falling in love. 

The show brings 30 single people who are out there looking to find “the one.” For a week and a half, all 30 singles bo on blind speed dates in pods separated by a glass wall that doesn’t allow them to see each other. After ten days, each contestant must either get engaged with someone or leave the show. Reminder: contestants don’t get to see each other until the moment they decide to get engaged. 

Love is Blind is a show that provokes modern dating like today. With social media networks being an integrated part of our lives, looks are promoted more than ever before. But, the show actually focuses on anything else but looks. It is, instead, focused on helping people learn how to create genuine connections with others without focusing on how the other person looks. 

3.      Too Hot to Handle

Another Netflix dating reality show that wants to prove to single people and those in a relationship that love isn’t all physical. 

Ten hot singles from around the world who share a fear of commitment and a passion for one-night-stands only are gathered at the same place to be thought a lesson: genuine connections can be created, and they don’t only rely on physical intimacy. 

Upon their arrival in a luxurious house on an exotic island, these ten singles are given 12 hours to admire each other and think of all possible intimate moments they can. Yet, the tricky part is that they have no idea that, after the 12 hours have passed, they won’t be allowed to engage in any physical contact related to intimacy. Not even kissing. 

But, the show’s participants’ looks and some really hot moments happening there will make you feel something physical. The atmosphere will feel so HOT while binge-watching this show that you’ll want some intimacy with hot services like those you can find if you click here for yourself too.

If the contestants fail to respect the rule, they will pay a significant amount of money taken from the $100,000 prize they can split at the end of the show. 

4.      Married at First Sight 

Could you commit to a stranger you only meet at the altar for the first time in your life? Likely not. That’s because this is a very courageous thing to do. But, contestants in the Married at First Sight reality show have the courage to do it, even in front of millions of people. 

The contestants skip all the dating process other Netflix shows feature, and they meet directly in front of the altar. Yet, the couples aren’t just randomly selected. They are strangers matched by experts in relationships and dating. 

After meeting in front of the altar, the two strangers get married, and after eight weeks spent together, they decide whether they want to split or remain together. Risky to commit to a marriage without knowing any single detail about your partner? Absolutely yes! But is the show fun to watch and give you a new perspective towards commitment in a forever relationship? Also, absolutely yes. 

5.      Are You the One? 

All our lives, we are on the hunt for finding “the one,” right? Contestants in this Netflix show do so too. 

The Are You the One Netflix show features a group of men and women who are paired into couples right from the beginning of the show. The pairing happens via a matchmaking algorithm. Yet, the contestants have no idea who their “one” is. And, the entire purpose of the show is for them to find out on their own. 

Realism and reliability don’t miss from this reality show either. We all have to figure out on our own who our perfect match is. The only difference is that once we find out, if we find out, we don’t win one million dollars. In Are You the One show, those who successfully identify their perfect matches for love and create an emotional connection win a $1 million grand prize. 

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