Best series on Netflix according to IMDb

IMDb has been around since 1990. The site allows users to rate both series and movies on a scale from 1 to 10. The IMDb database contains over 146,000 series!

Anyone can create a user on IMDb and give their rating to movies and series. The active use also means that ratings change regularly, which also means that this list will change. So, when you need a break from casino games at, you can visit IMDb to rate some movies and series you have seen.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is an acclaimed series, where both the series and its actors have won a number of well-deserved awards. When chemistry teacher Walter White is told by his doctor that he is going to die, he decides to do what he has to do so that the family is financially secure and goes from a law-abiding citizen to a criminal. A thrilling, action-packed and amazing series.

Rick and Morty

An absurd comedy that challenges boundaries. In the series, we follow the crazy and cynical professor Rick who goes on adventures with his naive and kind-hearted grandson Morty. For some, this series will probably be a little too much, but if you love humor that is a bit on the edge – then this is the perfect series for you.


Legends have a start, a beginning. League of Legends finally gets a backstory to some of its iconic characters, presented in an artistic way that will take your breath away. We follow Jinx and We, two sisters on each side of a war between two cities, and Victor and Jace, who keep a revelation behind their backs that will change the world forever.

The Office US

A very funny American satire series about life in an office, where everyday life consists of childish jokes, egoism, and boredom. Based on the British hit series of the same name. For many, it is probably this version of The Office that is the “original”, but it is not. Still, it is definitely worth seeing this one if you want a great laugh.

When They See US

Based on the true story of five black teenagers who were convicted of a rape they did not commit. The story of the “Central Park Five” stirs emotions in many, and it is a series you should watch to learn about what happened. The story is tough, honest, and heartbreaking.

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the prevalence and impact of sexual assault and rape, as well as a growing recognition of the need to support and empower survivors. Various organizations and support networks have emerged to provide resources, counseling, and advocacy for survivors, and there have been efforts to change laws and policies to better protect survivors and hold perpetrators accountable.

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