Barack’s Career Highlights

Barack Obama spent two terms as the President of the United States. As you may expect, spending 8 years at the top meant that he has a whole heap of career highlights under his belt. Even now he has a successful career and large social media following, with supporters keen to hear what he has to say. Despite there being a whole host of examples where his career has gone amazingly well – here are 3 of the highlights

His Inauguration

Without a doubt, the fact that he was voted in as the first black President of the United States is at the top of the tree in terms of career highlights. Not only was he voted in, but his inauguration was watched by many – a testament to just how much support he had, even before he did any good work as the leader of the country. Betway Insider recently looked at events which were popular when televised and perhaps unsurprisingly, the day Barack was sworn in as president makes the list.

The event itself took place on the 20th of January 2009 and at the time 14% of the population turned their TV channels to the stations that were showing the event took place. This meant that when Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States, 1 billion people were watching it happen from home.

Barack as an Author

Although Barack Obama has undoubtedly made his mark as president, he’s also a pretty successful author too! For example, he was selected as the first black editor of The Harvard Law Review – which at the time gained a publisher’s attention. He then went on to write Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance an autobiographical book that was released in 1995. Since then he’s written and released a number of books including A Promised Land, Change We Can Believe in and Of Thee, I Sing: A Letter to my Daughters.

His Political Career

Of course, there can be no denying how successful he was as a president – hence why he was voted in again in 2013. There are a heap of accomplishments that could be listed throughout his time as the head of America but some of the standout ones include:

  • Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act – 2010
  • The Budget Control Act – 2011
  • American Taxpayer Relief Act – 2012
  • Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act – 2010
  • Ordered the military operation that ended in the death of Osama bin Laden

On top of that, he also ended US military involvement in the Iraq War and was the first ever sitting president to openly support same-sex marriage. All of this meant that in 2009 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his “extraordinary efforts” especially within the Muslim World at international diplomacy.

Whether you’re a fan of Obama or not, there can be no denying that throughout his political career he’s accomplished some amazing achievements! Of course, just because he is no longer president that doesn’t mean he won’t continue to make a difference, so let’s see what he does next!

Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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