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Benny Blanco (Benjamin Levin; March 8, 1988, Reston, Virginia), is an extraordinary talent within the music industry. With Jewish heritage and early interest in music as building blocks of his creative success and growth. Starting from crafting hip-hop beats on his boombox during bedroom sessions before sharing these with Camp Airy during summers – these early efforts marked signs of his eventual achievements and future triumph.

Apprenticeship and Mentorship: Building Foundations

Benny Blanco’s musical ambitions brought him to New York City where his perseverance earned him an apprenticeship under producer Disco D, leading later into being mentored by Dr. Luke at Kasz Money Productions where Blanco honing both songwriting and production skills under Dr Luke’s tutelage, eventually taking on his signature name of Benny Blanco for all professional endeavors.

Songwriting and Producing: An Unbroken Line

Thanks to Dr. Luke, Blanco’s career quickly flourished under his guidance. His chart-toppers for Katy Perry included “I Kissed a Girl”, Taio Cruz with Dynamite,” Ke$ha with Tik Tok” as well as being featured on Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream Album as one key example; Blanco collaborated on music projects by Maroon 5, Rihanna, Ed Sheeran as well. All this proves his versatility while adaptability by working across musical genres!

2018 marked an exciting new chapter for Blanco as he made his solo artist debut with “Eastside,” featuring Halsey and Khalid. Its success, reaching number nine on Billboard Hot 100 charts, proved his talent. Additionally, Blanco released “Friends Keep Secrets,” an album filled with hits like “I Found You” and “Roses”, cementing him as an authority figure as an artist-lead singer/songwriter.

Blanco’s creativity extends far beyond music; during the 2020s he ventured beyond audio into digital realm via web series “Matty and Benny Eat Out America”, co-hosted with chef Matty Matheson of Matty Matheson Restaurant Group. Additionally, an appearance on FXX series Dave added yet another facet of diversity into his resume.

Accolades and Recognition

Blanco’s contributions to music industry are recognized. He has won multiple BMI Awards including Songwriter of the Year as well as multiple Grammy nominations. Furthermore, in 2013 Blanco was presented with Songwriters Hall of Fame Hal David Starlight Award recognizing his impact as both writer and producer.

Personal Life and Relationships

Blanco has been linked with British model Elsie Hewitt since February 2023; more recently he reportedly began dating Selena Gomez as of December 2023. Though typically kept out of public eye, his relationships often make headlines when making headlines themselves – adding further depth and dimension to his public persona.

Real Estate Ventures Blanco’s success as a musician has manifested in extensive real estate investments. Starting from his initial condo purchase in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood to his lavish mansion in Hollywood Hills for $9.2 million – each property showcases both financial acumen and his taste for luxurious living.

Benny Blanco’s journey in music demonstrates an extraordinary blend of talent, hard work, and adaptability. Beginning his journey as an avid bedroom producer to becoming one of the premier artists and producers today is truly inspirational – his influence continues today through projects and collaborations in order to produce chart-topping songs of tomorrow!

Benny Blanco’s tale is one of passion, perseverance and unrivalled success. He continues to innovate his unique sound in an increasingly competitive industry – an inspiration for young aspiring musicians everywhere. Benny remains an integral figure within music that will undoubtedly remain respected over time.

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