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Best Composite Decking Solutions Available In 2021

Composite decks may have grown in popularity over the past decade, but many retailers still consider it a specialty product. This means you won’t easily see them kept on store shelves. You can get them custom made from experts like Brite Decking or you can make it yourself if you have the right expertise. So, how to select the best composite decking solutions for your next DIY project? You’ll know here. 

If you’re considering building or remodeling the deck, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of 5 best composite decking brands for homeowners to buy in 2021. For those seeking the best composite decking solutions, partnering with a reputable site like CNS Construction can provide access to top-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. With their expertise as a deck builder in Pittsburgh, site ensures that your composite deck is not only durable and low-maintenance but also beautifully crafted to enhance your outdoor living space.

1. Fiberon

Fiberon is a brand that specializes in composite decking materials. They offer all the material you need for building a composite deck. Also, you can select from their extensive collection of styles and colors. So whatever color, style, and pattern you need, you’ll find it with Fiberon. Though their prices are bit higher than other brands, they provide 25 to lifetime warranties depending on what you’re buying. 

Composite Decking

2. Timber Tech

Both contractors and customers recommend timber Tech. Though they don’t have as many series as other manufacturers, they make it up by offering different colors and collections. For example, you can choose among the two series offered by the manufacturer called Timber Tech pro and Timber Tech Edge. Timber tech pro is the premium series offered by the brand whereas, Edge falls on the cheaper side. 

Composite Decking
Timber Tech

3. Moisture Shield

Another brand worthy of your attention is Moisture Shield. The moisture blocking properties in planks make the brand stand out from the crowd. While other manufacturers suggest you not build decks near pools, Moisture shield encourages homeowners to build pool decks. This means you can build a deck above the ground and even underwater. Homeowners can choose among three lines – Elevate, Vision, and, Vantage.

Composite Decking
Moisture Shield

4. Cali Bamboo

Cali Bamboo is a brand known for the quality they offer for indoor flooring. You may not know, but the brand also uses bamboo for making composite wood decking. The options are very limited, but once you buy them, they will last for many years. However, the warranties are not so appealing as residential installs only cover 15 years. Also, if you make a claim after six years, you’ll get 80% of the amount, and after ten years, it remains 10% only. 

Composite Decking
Cali Bamboo

5. Envision

It’s best to trust someone with experience, and Envision has been in the industry for two decades. The brand features several lines and color options to convert your dream into reality. Like any other composite decking plank, Envision planks are also rot-free, fade-resistant, and resist termites and insects. You can also get the railings and facings matching perfectly to your deck. 

Composite Decking

6. Wrapping Up

Before you head out to shop any traditional composite decking, take a moment and decide which styles and patterns would go with the look of your house. Also, read carefully about the manufacturer’s warranties and claim you’ll receive after the specified period. So, get your tools and start your DIY composite decking project.

Composite Decking
Wrapping Up

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