Best Cyber security Games to Get You Started in the Industry

Leveling up your cybersecurity skills is the need of the hour. Visiting this link would be ideal to learn more about the cybersecurity and soc security services. But, if you are new to the industry, and are not sure where to begin, then exciting security awareness (cybersecurity) games are just the solution for you.

Contrary to the traditional method of learning, cybersecurity games offer endless opportunities to advance your skills using real-life stimulations- making play a great way to practice! 

As a matter of fact, with game-based learning you can:

  • Grab the best of an immersive platform, allowing you or a team of players to enjoy what they are learning. 
  • Take advantage of the trial and error, by experimenting in the common cybersecurity work environment. With this, you are more likely to make fewer mistakes in real life. 
  • Use a combination of cognitive and emotional intelligence to resolve tasks and develop a needed attitude towards cyber-threats. 
  • Grow as you successfully complete multiple levels of the game, as the game mechanics are often aligned with learning objectives. 

Without any further ado, let’s know more about the engaging and one-of-a-kind cybersecurity games that can help you get started in the industry. 

1. Zero Threat 

From the house of Eukleia comes a training game- Zero threat, where you always find your network under attack. It provides an amazing environment to work through common everyday risks of cyberspace like infected USB drives, breaches, social engineering attempts, phishing emails, malicious websites, and more. The game does turn out to be an essential learning tool for beginners. 

2. Cyber Awareness Challenge (CAC) 

Different from the conventional gaming style, Cyber Awareness Challenge takes you to 2030, where things go out of hand due to constant cyber-attacks. Your main task in this game is to eliminate these threats and resolve the existing ones with the help of evidence or case files available according to the preexisting situation. Developed by the military, the goal is to create awareness and decrease the number of threats for a safer and brighter future. 

3. Keep Tradition Secure 

What would you do when a seasoned hacker decides to threaten your network? Track them, measure their actions or do everything possible to prevent further threats? Well, that is what Keep Tradition Secure is all about. Launched by Texas A&M Information Technology to promote National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the game is based on a hacker- “bad bull” who wants to threaten campus traditions of Texas A&M. To track down the hacker, the gamer has to answer a series of cybersecurity questions, and successfully complete every challenge to save the campus from cyber-threat. After the grand success of Keep Tradition Secure, the team has designed many more games centered on security awareness. 

4. Game of Threats (GOT) 

How good are you at making key decisions at the last moment? While dealing with cybercrime, it’s the first thing that you need to protect valuable information. Game of threats (GOT) is based on this concept, where the defender has every bit of confidential information on the line as the clock ticks by. 

5. Cybersecurity Lab

With Cybersecurity Lab, you become a CTO responsible for managing the cyberspace of notable companies, including Phasebook, SnapCat, Einstagram and WattsAmp. Interestingly, during the tenure, you will experience sophisticated cyber-attacks every now and then. So, it’s up to you to game up your defenses to protect the companies through different challenges based on code-cracking, password, and a lot more!  

6. CyberEscape Online 

CyberEscape Online is an incredible training tool for those who want to learn cybersecurity through a team game. It features engaging gameplay, and the best part is that you can connect with a number of players on board, and even create your own team to learn about security effortlessly. 

7. Targeted Attack: The Game 

This game gives the gamer complete power to make decisions that will have an impact on the cyber future of the company. In the beginning, a video is presented, and the gamer has to select a strategy of his or her choice within a specific budget. Later, the task is to safeguard valuable information that is exposed to potential cybersecurity problems. You have to make good use of the budget by making informed decisions. 

8. Security Feud

Looking for a free game for an immersive learning experience? Security Feud will never disappoint you. The game features seven different rounds, and each can be scheduled at your own pace. It acts as a form of free resource that helps you learn more about each and every aspect of cybersecurity. Most importantly, the developers crowd-sourced 19 cyber security-based questions, to create the ultimate learning resource with impeccable power of gamification. 

9. Craft a Phish

Phishing traps are everywhere across the internet. But, how do you track them? To help you learn more, Craft a Phish, an interactive quiz game brings a series of questions about ongoing threats, how they are able to deceive users, the reason behind security breaches and how can it be prevented.  

10. Hot Spot 

Similar to Cybersecurity Lab, in Hot Spot you have to hunt down and prevent attacks within a specific period of time. The game has simplified stimulation with many security threats scattered across the work environment. Discover these threats, and check whether you are able to transform the habitual violations that lead to consistent insecurity and attacks.  


Take your next leap towards a successful cybersecurity career by honing skills with the top 10 games that can educate faculty, employee, student, or almost anyone ready to set into the industry about how to stay safe online. 

Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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