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Best Flower Surprises To Gift Your Best Friend

Choosing the right gift for your best friend can be a daunting task. Whether it is their birthday, an anniversary or just a regular day that you want to make special, flowers are always a great idea! Flowers not only bring beauty and joy into someone’s life but they also represent love and friendship. So if you’re stuck on what to get your best friend, why not surprise them with some beautiful blooms? 

Here are some of the best flower surprises you can give your bestie. 

1. A Bouquet of Their Favorite Blooms

Nothing says “I’m thinking of you” like sending your BFF a bouquet full of their favorite flowers! This can be anything from a classic arrangement of roses to something more unique like tulips or lilies. Whether you pick up the bouquet in person or ship affordable and freshly cut flowers to their door, your bestie will appreciate the thoughtfulness of your surprise!

2. A Subscription Box

If you really want to give your friend a special gift that will keep on giving, consider getting them a flower subscription box. Many companies offer monthly subscriptions where they’ll send out fresh flowers each month with seasonal blooms and interesting arrangements. This is sure to make your friend smile every time they receive their “flower of the month” delivery! They’ll be delighted by the surprise arrival of gorgeous flowers in their mailbox each month, and it will be an ongoing reminder of your friendship! Plus, it’s an easy way to show that you’re thinking about them all year long—making it one of the best gifts you can give your BFF.

3. A Flower Delivery Service

For those special occasions or simply to show someone you care, nothing says it better than a bouquet of flowers delivered straight to their door! Pick out a beautiful arrangement that your friend will love and have it sent right to them – they’ll be sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness and surprise of this lovely gesture. Not only is this a great way to express your love but it will also fill the room with wonderful scents and bring some cheer into their space. Plus, flowers are an excellent way to brighten anyone’s day!

4. A Flower-Themed Gift Basket

If you’re really looking to go the extra mile for your bestie, why not put together a flower-themed gift basket? Fill it with things like potted plants, cute flower-themed mugs or even a sweet scented candle and wrap it up in some pretty tissue paper. This thoughtful gesture will surely make them smile from ear to ear! You can also include items that remind them of special memories such as photos, tickets from past events, etc. No matter what you choose to include in the basket, your friend is sure to appreciate this unique gift.

5. Plant Seeds Together

If you’re looking for a meaningful way to show your friend how much you care, consider planning a day to go plant some flower seeds together! Not only will this be an enjoyable activity that the two of you can do together, but it’s also something they’ll remember for years to come. Spending quality time with someone and watching things grow is sure to bring the two of you closer and help create lasting memories. Plus, what better way to bond over flowers than planting them together? So grab a basket of seeds and let the fun begin!

6. A Touch of Greenery

If your friend is an avid plant lover, why not give them a potted plant with their favorite flower? It can be anything from a small succulent to a vibrant orchid – either way, it will surely bring a smile to their face and make for an excellent addition to their home décor! Not only will they appreciate the thoughtfulness of your gift, but also the many benefits that plants have to offer including air purification and increased productivity. So why not surprise your friend with this special floral treat today?

7. Flower Stamps

For the crafty friend who loves to make cards, scrapbooks, and other creative projects, there’s nothing better than flower stamps! Pick out some fun and colorful designs that they can use for all their work – from making thank-you notes to decorating a photo album. These unique stamps will be sure to inspire them and make even the simplest of crafts look beautiful. Not only are flower stamps great for crafting but they’ll also serve as a reminder of your thoughtfulness each time your friend uses them!

8. Floral Photoshoot

If you really want to make your friend feel special for their birthday or just because, plan a photoshoot featuring flowers as the main subject. It can be a fun and memorable experience that you two can share together and they’ll have the photos to look back on for years to come! 

9. A Floral Wreath

If you’re looking for an extra special present to surprise your friend with, why not give them a hand-crafted floral wreath? It’s sure to make an excellent addition to their home decor and will be something they cherish for years to come. If you feel up to the challenge, try making it yourself – otherwise there are plenty of shops that offer ready-made wreaths in a variety of styles and sizes.

10. Flower Crown

The gift of beauty is always something special, and what better way to show your friend you care than with a flower crown. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just because, this is sure to put a smile on their face! From pre-made designs at the store to crafting your own masterpiece, your friend will appreciate the time and effort taken to make them feel extra special. They can wear it proudly for any event or just as part of their daily wardrobe – either way, it’s sure to be an unforgettable surprise!

In Conclusion

Flowers are one of the best ways to show someone you care, so why not surprise your best friend with a special floral gift? Whether it’s a bouquet of their favorite blooms or sending them a subscription box every month, there are many ways to express your love through flowers. Your friend is sure to appreciate this thoughtful gesture! So go ahead and get creative with your next flower surprise for your bestie – they’re sure to love it.

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