Streamer Runs over Dog Video – Read Full Details!

We have discussed Streamer Wins Over Dog Video in the following post and why it is becoming viral online.

Are you a dog lover? This article will shock you if yes. This news will make you cry with deep grief even if your dog is not your favorite. A viral video has emerged of a Polish influencer running over a dog.

This video shocks not only people in the United States, but also people from many other countries. People want more information about the video as it is becoming viral online. We have all the details in this Streamer runs over Dog Videoarticle.

What’s in the Streamer dog run-over video?

Polish influencer sidneuke made a viral video in which she drove while hitting a dog. While hitting a dog, the influencer streamed a live video. After the dog was hit by the car, it gets hurt. She was also looking at her phone as she hit the dog.

After this viral video, Twitch banned the live streamer.

When is the incident going to happen?

After streaming the video on February 17, streamer ran over Dog Clip, the video went viral. She hits the dog and blames her dog’s owner. In the video, however, she was speaking in Polish. She was saying “Jesus, how many dogs are there?” They must all be in heat.

She also stated that it was not a good idea to let your dog out. She added that it was against the law to leave your dog unattended.

What’s the reaction to this Twitch streamer runs over dog video ?

Her Twitch account was deactivated after the video went viral. Her site also shows that her channel is not available due to violation of Twitch’s Terms of Service or Community Guidelines.

Many people commented on social media platforms asking for her driver’s licence to be cancelled. Some want to ban her permanently. Some even suggested that she did not keep her phone out of the car while driving.

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A viral video in which a Polish influencer hits a dog as she drives goes viral on YouTube. She was actually driving and was streaming the live stream. After the viral video, she was banned from Twitch.

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