Best Free and Cheap Resources For College Students

The education system in the US is very different than education systems all over the world. The education system here has a lot of resources that students can use to help them succeed, which means it’s up to you as an individual student to take advantage of those resources and learn how to utilize them properly. Many college students find themselves overwhelmed with their workload or just don’t know where they should go next when trying to figure out how best to do what needs to be done. Still, we have put together this list of great tools and websites for you, so hopefully, these will give you some guidance on your path through college! We hope this helps make things easier for you and wish everyone luck in getting through school successfully! Without any further ado, here we go:

College Student Textbooks: College nowadays is costly. Going to a university nowadays costs a lot of money. On top of tuition, you will need food, lodging, entertainment, and books! One of the highest costs of college other than tuition is the expensive textbooks.

Yes, we know college textbooks are expensive! College Student Textbooks are here to make things a little bit better. This website offers downloadable ebooks in PDF of all the textbooks you need for college at an affordable price. You can also request custom PDFs or ePubs.

College Student Textbooks is a company that specializes in the cheapest textbooks available on PDF to college students. College Student Textbooks was founded by two college freshmen who wanted to find an easy way for their peers to save money and get ahead of the game. The company offers textbooks and test banks, solutions manuals, etc., for many levels of education needs, from high school through graduate school. It is the go-to place for college students looking to save on their textbooks.

College Students can buy cheap books with no shipping fees, plus there are free copies available if needed. We’re proud that this website was created by fellow students to help others. Textbooks are available for all courses and subjects. Whether you need an ebook for your high school, college, or a university, they offer them all. So stop searching other websites to find cheap textbooks and check out their website now! You can also request ebooks that aren’t available yet by sending them an email through their contact page. If you don’t like the PDF format and would rather have the ebook in another format like ePub, you can also request that! These are very low priced, but they come straight from the author and not a student like many other sites would have you believe. So, stop spending so much on textbooks and spend it all on food, games, or other activities!

Study Monkey: Study Monkey offers flashcards, games, and other helpful resources to help students learn better. It is a handy resource if you learn from visual cues.

Google Drive: Google Drive is an excellent tool for college students because it allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, which means you don’t need an education-specific computer or software program! You can access your files from any device that has internet access, which makes things very convenient. The collaboration feature on Google Docs is also handy if you’re working in teams with other people and want everyone involved the same way (and not having to email attachments back and forth). 

Duolingo: This free language learning site lets users learn languages such as Spanish, German Chinese even English as a second language, so it’s perfect for those who are studying another language at their school. Duolingo uses a technique called “gamification,” which means you’re motivated to achieve specific goals by earning points and other rewards for your progress, so it makes learning the language more fun than just reading out of textbooks or listening to lectures all day long!

Yik Yak: Yik Yak is an anonymous social media app that allows users to post their thoughts, opinions, and ideas anonymously (usually people post under pseudonyms) about things happening around them at their school or in popular locations near where they live. This can be helpful because students are able to express themselves without having someone judge them based on who they are- everyone who posts on Yik Yak does it completely anonymously unless they choose otherwise. 

Sticky Notes: It’s essential as a university student to stay organized and keep track of your assignments, exams, and other important dates that you need to remember. Sticky Notes is a fabulous computer program that allows users to create virtual sticky notes for themselves as reminders or whatever else they might want them for. It’s helpful because it saves the note on your desktop, so no matter what device you’re using (laptop, tablet, or phone), those notes will be available from any location at all! 

Google Classroom: This education-specific software has many different features. One significant benefit is that students can upload their work directly into this platform rather than emailing things back and forth between teachers and classmates. This is very helpful because you can keep track of all your work in one place instead of trying to find it on a bunch of different devices and email accounts.

Quizlet: If flashcards are more helpful in studying, then Quizlet is another great education-specific tool you can use to create digital cards from their own set or from other people who have shared the deck with them, which makes things much easier when trying to memorize facts! This program also lets users test themselves by creating quizzes. Hence, they know how well they’ve been learning the material- this information helps students figure out what parts need extra attention if anything at all.

Plickers: Another great education app, Plicker, offers two-way communication between teachers and students through an interactive quiz that only the students can see on their own screens. The teacher holds up cards with multiple choice questions for the student to answer by holding up the card number they think is correct- this allows teachers to immediately identify which concepts each student has or hasn’t grasped yet. Hence, it’s conducive in education settings where every second counts!

I hope this list helps you with your education and work. Let us know if you would like to add to this list if we’ve missed something good and essential.

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