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The .pdf format – short for Portable Document Formats – was intended for display and distribution, not direct editing. This means that getting a good, free PDF editor can be tricky. The most popular application used to open PDF files is Adobe Reader, but as an editor it is much better – all you can do is fill out forms (and that may not work with scanned documents). In this article you will find a brief overview of PDF editors in general and a description of the major freeware editors I have found.

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To edit PDF files you will definitely need to download and install additional software. However, most editors are. Some also have a trial version that you can use for a few weeks without paying a cent. A few editing tools are completely free, or have an online version (more on that later). All in all, downloading a shareware editor can be a great option if you only need advanced features for a while. Visit image to pdf to convert your image in to pdf file.

Whether free or commercial, all PDF editors usually come with a specific subset of these features:

PDF Integration – merge multiple PDF files into one.
Page editing – insert, delete or rearrange pages.
Modify PDF security settings.
Complete forms, including forms that are not supported by Adobe Reader.
Create and create new forms.
Include annotations, comments or diagrams.
Advanced PDF document editors may also allow you to edit existing text and may approach (but never access) a fully installed word processor. The best example of this kind, in my opinion, is Foxit PDF Editor – a shareware tool that includes all of the above functionality and more. You can download the trial version for free. However, while powerful, this .pdf editor doesn’t really have an “easy-to-use” feature, say, MS Word or Open Office Writer.

With simple functions, a free PDFVue online editor is probably the best choice. It has an intuitive interface, doesn’t need to be installed and works on most web browsers, which means you don’t have to worry about the editor working with your app. On the other hand, it lacks advanced features, such as editing an existing document.

So choose the right tool for the job and start editing those PDFs!

Bonus Tip: you can edit a PDF file in your favorite word processor if the first one converts the document to a traditional program format. For example, you can use a free pdf converter to edit .pdf files in Microsoft Word.

This article on free PDF editors is written by Janis Elsts, a techy blogger and computer hobbyist.

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