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In New York City, there are destinations that you have to reach if you are a visitor. The presence of mobile applications can help you during your stay here. That being said, it is necessary to know the best list of apps to get around NYC. You don’t want to be frustrated when you’re here. You want to experience the best things, right? So, it is great if you are going to determine which app is best for you. It’s not just about transportation apps; you also need to have apps that can help you buy food, go to the next movie, and watch musicians. This blog article will tell you the best mobile applications to get when you’re in the city that never sleeps.

If this is your first time in the city, the more that you have to download, install, and use the apps, which will be explained later below. The apps mentioned in the subsequent contexts of this blog post can really help you during your entire stay. You must not take for granted the importance of mobile technologies. Did you know that the apps available in the city of New York are not only for visitors or travelers? Yes, this is quite true. Even the residents here should get some of the apps that are going to be mentioned. Doing so can help solve some of the common problems, like where to buy food during business hours or where to park your car in this tightly crowded city.

Mobile apps are one of the essentials of our lives today. Why so? Well, you have to think that everything now is digitized. The digitization of almost all things in life has proven the fact that technological innovations evolve. As human beings, we need to adapt to the changes brought about by technology. In the past, doing things had to be done manually. But now, there are options to help you have the right solutions just through your mobile device, like a smartphone. This is the main reason why you should know the apps to get around NYC. Those apps are so important to you in this modern time.

Let’s categorize the apps to be listed and elaborated in this blog post into different categories, such as transportation, food and drinks, and events. The apps in each category are all helpful and useful during your entire stay in the city that never sleeps.

Transportation apps in New York City

Below are the top apps that focus on transportation.

Exit Strategy

This app has been used by many users because of its helpful and nice features. When you’re in the Big Apple (referring to New York City), you have to download this app known as Exit Strategy. NYC is a big city, and when you’re on the subway, there is a tendency that you’ll get lost. To avoid this, you should have the mentioned app. This application will help you find the exit so that you won’t have a problem finding your next jump-off point. Because of the large crowds and the vastness of the area, exiting the subway stations in New York City can be difficult. The residents here, of course, already know each and every corner of the substations. But it is a different story for those who are new to New York City. That is why you badly need the Exit Strategy app here.


Finding a parking space in a big city like New York can be very stressful. Yes, you can be stressed just trying to find where to safely park your car. The solution is quite simple. You have to download, install, and use this app called ParkMe. Driving in the busy streets of NYC is awesome. It can give you a wonderful experience. However, you have to be prepared, particularly in the aspect of parking. There are stringent laws that regulate traffic within the city. So, you have to find a place where parking is not prohibited. And this is the most stressful thing that you have to overcome. That is why you go here to download the mobile application of ParkMe.


Navigating in a big city like New York can be another problem. Of course, the land area is so big. It houses a total population of 18,867,000, more or less this year. With this figure, you can expect that navigating is a problem. But there is good news! There’s a mobile application that can help you solve your navigating problems. This is Citymapper, a mobile app that is designed to help you map out the area for your next destination so that it will be easy and comfortable. You should anticipate that there is a massive bus and subway network in NYC. That said, you badly need the Citymapper’s app here. Downloading and installing this mobile application on your smart device can guarantee a more efficient journey.


Do you enjoy biking? Well, this is a great cardiovascular exercise. You should be aware that there’s a certain mobile application that’s suitable for bike lovers. The name of the mobile app is CitiBike. Bicycling is popular among both city residents and visitors. As the city increases in terms of the number of bikers, it is great for you to have a mobile app like CitiBike. You can download the app when you click here. You just have to pay for the DayPass after you get the app. That DayPass can allow you to go biking in some areas of the entire city. The app offers you comfort and convenience. Of course, you can get push notifications when you have the app installed on your mobile phone. Get the app from this link.

NYC Ferry

This is another important mobile application that you have to download and install on your mobile phone. NYC Ferry is a great mobile application that you can use to move all around Brooklyn and Manhattan. Even going to the nearby islands via ferry boat can easily be done through the use of this mobile application. When you’re on those islands, you can see how gorgeous the urban setup is in the entire city, especially at night. You can plan your trip via sea through the app. You just have to check the possible routes and then book your ferry ticket through the app. You can decide on your own schedule. This is one of the great features offered by the mobile application. Download your NYC Ferry’s mobile app now.

Food apps in NYC

We’re already done discussing the 5 transportation apps in NYC. It’s about time for you to know about the food apps in the Big Apple.


The first on the list is NoWait NYC. This app is great as it has been used by lots of New Yorkers. So you can download it and make your next trip to New York unforgettable. Of course, you are going to look for the best place to eat. Looking for the best dine-in restaurant can be quite challenging. Why should you use this mobile application right now? With this app, you can add your name to the waitlist to make sure that you can have a seat in the restaurant of your choice. This is an amazing mobile technology as it cuts down the time you are supposed to spend just waiting for your food to come to your table. You can choose the restaurant you want to dine in, and you can transact with the staff in advance, even before you arrive in the area. Take note that you can spend an hour or so when you do not have the application on your mobile device. Hence, it is advised to use NoWait now.

Quick Tip

Normally, you have to give tips when you eat in a fancy restaurant. And sometimes, you do not know the exact amount of tip to be given out. Do not worry, because there is a mobile app that you can use from now on. The name of the app is Quick Tip. This mobile application is also known as a “quick tip calculator.” This app is so amazing as it can provide you with precise information about the exact amount as a tip to the restaurant. You won’t have to do the math all by yourself because this app will do it for you. Its job is to provide luxury and convenience to all users. Hence, this mobile application has been used by many. It’s a trusted mobile application to compute the exact amount of tip for the service and food you enjoy. Download the app here now.


Here’s another food app known as OpenTable. This mobile application is a great one to meet your needs. You can simply find a restaurant that is fit for any occasion. Just put some information such as date, exact time, number of people, and, of course, the point of origin or the place where you are located when you search for a restaurant. Eating in the Big Apple is somehow stressful due to overcrowding. This is great news because a mobile technology like this now exists. You can make a reservation through the application, which is good. Anytime, anywhere you are, you can manage your restaurant arrangements. This is enough to tell you that having the app right now is a great decision you can make. Click here to get the app.

Events apps in NYC

This is the last category of this blog post. Of course, you will now miss the best shows and events during your stay in the Big Apple. That being said, you have to know the most useful apps in this category.

Today Tix

This is the first app in this category. Today Tix is a great mobile application you can use to find Broadway shows. One of the best features this app offers is that it can help you find tickets with massive discounts. Yes, you can book a discounted ticket for the best show you opt to watch. There is no need to queue because this app allows you to purchase a ticket online. All you have to do is to download and install this application on your phone. Right there and then, after the installation, you can use the app to buy a Broadway show ticket. You can have the best deals when you use this particular mobile application. For sure, you will enjoy your stay in the city that never sleeps. Get the app here.


Watching events in New York City should be one of the items on your to-do list. Why? It is so because New York shows and events are all undeniably awesome and unforgettable. You should really not miss the events you can watch when you’re here. So, you have to download and install TKTS on your phone that has access to the Internet. Doing so can help you get massive discounts on the tickets for the shows you plan to watch. For sure, your stay here will be great. You can watch events being shown in Time Square, the flagship area of NYC. Just download the app and use the massive discounts on the tickets for the shows you may choose to watch. There are offers you can enjoy through using this app. Download it here.

What should you do now?

Your next trip to the Big Apple must be amazing. If you’re not familiar with the city, then you have to consider downloading the apps mentioned above. Those apps can really help you have the best experience during your vacation. Those mobile technologies exist for the purpose of giving people the best experience in New York City ever. What are you waiting for? It is about time for you to get the best mobile apps in NYC.

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