Best Tools That Help You Stay Focused While Working Remotely

The Internet has made our lives pretty easy and convenient, everything which we do today has some contributions from the internet. While the internet was a luxury back in the day today it has become a necessity for us due to the ongoing dire situations. People are limited to their houses and in times like these, it is the internet that is keeping humanity connected with one another. Who would’ve thought that in-person interactions would become a thing of the past and we would be using the virtual world of all kinds of communication? This has happened because at the moment the most dangerous thing for one person is another person. So, the infrastructure of the world adapted accordingly and we have new ways of doing our day-to-day tasks.

We are now seeing that the Internet is going to be a major part of our lives. Whether we like it or not, the Internet is becoming a major tool for working from home. Realizing the need for the internet today in order to ensure this seamless flow of work, education, and communication many organizations like Google and Facebook are working day and night to expand the reach of the internet far and wide to communities who are still deprived of this technological marvel. Governments are also collaborating with service providers in order to provide cheaper internet access to consumers. Many service providers have also come forward with discounts and promotional offers, for instance, Spectrum deals offer special year-round discounted prices for high-speed internet.

Why Work from Home?

The regular education system has transitioned online and we see today that online classes have become a norm. One more change that has become common is the trend of working from home. That’s because not only it is safer in today’s world to stay in our house, studies have also shown that it has significantly cut costs for many organizations, this is especially important because today the world economies are going through a recession, businesses have stopped and virtually there is no revenue because there are no customers. So cutting costs has become an essential part of keeping small businesses and companies afloat in times like these.

But even when things are getting back to somewhat normal for many people a question arises, Why Work from Office? In the modern era, where work can be done at any time, from anywhere, many people are asking, many people have come to this realization “Why do I have to work from the office if I can work from home?” and they are right because they have realized that working from home is not a luxury but a necessity and who doesn’t like to work from the comfort of their house. Many organizations have also realized that working from home is beneficial not only for the employees but for the company as well. Because a company can cut their operating costs having a minimal amount of employees on-site while an employee also prefers working from because not only they can set their own schedule but can save money on commutes and other things.

Problems of Working from Home 

But, as there are many plus points to working from home there are some problems that may arise from it as well. A person working from home may encounter troubles like connectivity issues, communication errors, and not having the proper equipment. However, these might be temporary issues and can be readily solved. Although, there is one particular problem that most remote workers suffer from, and this is something that is related to the human psyche, which is finding it hard to focus at work this mainly because since employees are in their home environments they might have trouble following a set schedule and often get preoccupied with home chores and this results in ultimately hampering their work productivity. However, technology has solutions for this as well in form of tools that can keep an employee focused during remotely working from home. These apps increase the attention span of a remote worker as well as scheduling apps allow them to allot proper time and stay focused at work, here we’re going to talk about some of these tools.    


While working from the most common problem faced by people is managing their schedules, Timely is a tiny application that exactly helps them with it. Timely records all the user’s activities on a dedicated timeline and its AI functionality help users figure the time they take to do each task in this way they can easily identify distractions and manage the time accordingly to each task. Timely also allows you to set a schedule for each task so that you don’t overwork and exhaust yourself. With a simple and intuitive dashboard with Timely users can take control of their routines and effectively spend time at home increasing their work productivity.

 Haze Over

How often this happens that whenever you find the right workflow and are invested heavily into it to complete your tasks a random notification appears and diverts your attention and the moment you realize that you have to get back to your work a lot of precious time has been lost. In situations like these Haze Over is your best friend, especially for people with a short attention span Haze Over blurs the background no matter how many tabs or documents you have opened in it. The only thing that remains visible on the screen is your current active window. That means no more distractions from work and you can easily concentrate on what you are doing completing one task at a time.


This is one fun app that visually projects your ideas. Often our brain is filled with tasks and ideas to work on and mostly it becomes so crowded that a normal person forgets them and is unable to focus on one thing at a time which drastically brings down work productivity. With mind nodes, you can create structured nodes of these ideas and tasks create subtasks as nodes to one major task tree all this in visual form so that your brain doesn’t get cluttered and you don’t forget anything important. With MindNode, one can easily perform visual brainstorming and keep track of all their tasks and ideas without any stress.


Working from home might be distractive sometimes and some people may find it hard to adjust to it. However, it’s the need of the hour and a necessity of today’s time that is why we have made up this list of important tools that can help you stay focused and increase your work productivity while working remotely from home. 

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