Shopify Dropshipping Agent – Do You Need Them For Trade?

The term “dropshipping agent” might seem familiar to those who dropship with companies such as Amazon or eBay.

You probably have no idea what that term means yet, so I assume that’s why you have found your way here now.

My goal today is to break down exactly what Shopify dropshipping agent are and with that, explains the benefits and drawbacks of using them in your business.

One thing is for sure though; if you are here don’t feel ashamed to be here. Upon listening to a dropshipping agent for the first time, it is perfectly normal that you don’t know what it is.

As I was just starting, I didn’t have any idea what a dropshipping agent was.

Nevertheless, I want to let you know that once I got to know what dropshipping agents were and what they can do to help my dropshipping business, I was opened up to a whole new world!

Dropshipping Agents: What Are They?

What is a dropshipping agent? Let’s start with that question you came here for.

Compared to a dropship supplier, a drop shipping agent provides alternative options. A dropshipping store host sources products store them, packs them, and ships them.

In that sense, dropshipping agents and dropshipping suppliers are identical. Dropshipping agents play the role of middlemen, and since they have more services to offer; that is what sets them apart from dropshipping suppliers.

After talking about those services, let’s look at why a dropshipping agent is a middleman: Basically when you work with a dropshipping agent, you provide him or her with the product you want to order. Once this has been done, your dropshipping agent will seek out suppliers and negotiate a fair price. Afterward, he or she sells the products to you and ships them to customers.

I would say that this is a pretty different approach to working directly with a dropshipper since in that case, you are limited to the catalog of products that the supplier offers.

A dropshipping agent working for a fulfillment warehouse company or working for themselves is one option.

A dropshipping agent needs to have access to a warehouse that does fulfillment on their behalf. If dropshipping agents want to offer their customers fast shipping and quality control services, then they cannot afford to have the suppliers directly ship the products to your customers.

It is crucial that you build a relationship with your dropshipping agent (which is accomplished by ordering regularly from them) so that they can pre-order your products and prepare them in advance for storage.

In this case, they will be able to send the products within one or two days after you give them your list of orders, so be sure to send that information to them.

The dropshipping agent is not just about getting products delivered to the customers. I promised that I would tell you what kinds of services a dropshipping agent can provide for dropshipping stores, so here’s what a dropshipping agent can provide:

How Does A Dropshipping Agent Help The Store Owner?

As the owner of a dropshipping store, a drop shipping agent does a lot more for you than a typical dropshipping supplier.

As I mentioned earlier, most dropshipping agents like BeBiggy will take product requests from you and find you the products that you are searching for.

A dropshipping agent, as opposed to a supplier that provides the shipping, is already one of the differences between them.

However, there is more you need to know. The following is a list of all tasks which a dropshipping agent can do on your behalf:

  • To find the products that you need, you should contact several suppliers and manufacturers
  • to make sure that the quality of the product meets your needs
  • as well as to negotiate the best price for the product
  • , the company will stock the products at a fulfillment center.
  • It will also carry out quality control on the products.
  • Once the orders have been packed, the products will be shipped out.
  • You can opt for private labeling, white labeling, or branded products after your order is packed.
  • Choose the best way to ship your products to your particular country.
  • Ensure that you assist if the shipment is delayed or a product is damaged.
  • Keep in touch with the latest trends in product and shipping.


Your dropshipping business can scale better if you utilize dropshipping agents. A dropshipping agent can be an excellent alternative to dropshipping suppliers. Yet there are always some drawbacks. Finding a terrific dropshipping agent is one of the tougher parts of running a business. aIt can be presumed that if you have come this far, you are very interested in dropshipping agents.

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