Best Uses of Residential Proxy

What are residential proxies used for?

Residential proxy users can establish the point of departure for their traffic by relaying through a specific geographical area of their choice. For example, users in São Paulo who wish to access a specific site housed in Tokyo can have their requests routed through a residential proxy network in Paris; from a connectivity perspective, all the website ‘sees’ is traffic coming from Paris. Again, this is a good level of privacy that can be reached by using a group of personal computers. Some of the biggest proxy service providers have also started selling software development kits (SDKs) for developers who want to add proxying that works as it does at home to their application frameworks.

In detail, here are some of the most common use cases for residential proxies.

Web Scraping

Depending on the budget and other legal issues, managing web scraping through proxies is the best choice. In particular, the semi-private nature of residential proxy IPs improves the quality of the overall scraping score—this is in stark contrast to proxy pools simply made of data centre IPs, which are more susceptible to detection and banning.

For example, provides cost-effective, serverless, lambda, and compute architectures that can support scraping services by following a few easy steps. But using crap cloud services makes you more likely to have a worse crawling experience because some servers are often known for hosting harmful content in the cyber security world.

Internet Marketing Management

Residential IP proxies offer rotating proxy networks that make it easy and quick for marketing managers to keep track of different ad campaigns. This is because the IPs in these networks are marked in regional (local) Internet registries and are therefore linked to real users.

Commonly referred to as “ad verification,” the aim is also to avoid improper ad placement by unscrupulous rivals and even dissuade criminal actors from dishonest activities that threaten contextual brand image.

Consequently, companies can obtain that much-desired competitive advantage by ensuring their ads reach the desired target audience and nation, avoiding revenue loss due to misplaced advertisements.

SEO Content Management

It is impossible to exaggerate the significance of hacking regarding SEO tactics. While residential proxies simplify the logistics of search engine optimization, the scalability features genuinely make a difference when determining a site’s rating. For example, you can replicate, measure, and monitor things like click-through rates, dwell times, bounce rates, and other data points as if they originated from actual users. Since many communities disapprove of scraping, SEO tools can use home bots to study niche markets—content—through algorithmic changes depending on regional market circumstances. Finally, proxies with more options for local targeting can help improve SEO content by changing the algorithm to consider how business is done in different parts of the world.

In the end, residential proxies are made to give their users an edge over their competitors, especially those who are good at simulating human browsing behaviour by changing their IP address. A single home IP will not be enough to prevent the powers that be from blocking your activity if your job requires you to scrape online content on a large scale or use bots to keep a close watch on social media trends. Good for residential proxy?

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So, what are you waiting for? If you’re interested in residential proxy, don’t forget to grab this opportunity to purchase from You can also use the Microsoft Edge Socks Proxy. As a default browser for Windows, it’s quite popular. 

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