Best Vape for Heavy Smokers

It is the perspective in a society that vaping and smoking are the same and both are dangerous to human health. It is not true because vaping is different, and people need to understand what it is. The research of multiple institutions says that vaping is the best and safest alternative to smoking. 

According to a study by NHS, vaping is 95% safer than smoking. Vaping is helpful to human health, and you can get rid of smoking by starting it. The other good thing about vaping is freedom, you can choose the vape device according to your choice and keep the nicotine strength in your vape kits according to your capacity. 

If you select a suitable device, you can get an excellent vaping experience, and a good device can enhance the vaping experience. Everyone has their preferences, and people choose vaping kits according to their preferences. Disposable vape devices are perfect for new vapers. 

Regular vapers can use reusable vapes because regular vapers can handle the complexities of reusable vapes easily. So, if you are tired of smoking, you can also jump into the pond of vaping. Vaping is good for health as well as pocket, so in this way, you can stay healthy and save your money.  

Plus Ohm Vaping: 

Plus-ohm vape devices are perfect for heavy smokers. Heavy smokers can experience MTL vaping by using Plus ohm devices. In MTL vaping, you can keep the vapour in your mouth for a few seconds and inhale it deep into the lungs. Heavy smokers can get a feel of smoking through MTL vaping. This is a major benefit of plus-ohm vaping: the vapers can get a feel of regular smoking cigarettes. The final pure nicotine extract is tasteless nicotine, which means that the clarity of your e-liquid flavor profiles remains crisp, clean, and un-muted.

Nicotine Strength: 

20mg/ml nicotine strength is good for heavy smokers. The people who smoke a pack of cigarettes daily can keep 20mg/ml nicotine strength in their vape devices. This nicotine strength is suitable for heavy smokers. You can’t get this nicotine strength if you are a light smoker because it could harm your health. The choice of a vape kit matters alot, and plus-ohm devices are perfect for chain smokers because these devices allow higher levels of nicotine. If the level of nicotine and PG is high, it can give a satisfying throat hit. 


The choice of flavours depends on individual preference, but heavy smokers should try tobacco flavours for the perfect vaping experience. Tobacco flavours can give you a feel of regular cigarettes; with time, you can switch to multiple flavours. Grape-flavoured tobacco is popular nowadays, and you can surely enjoy this flavour in your smok vape kit

Battery Capacity: 

The battery capacity of the vape device matters alot for a good vaping experience. If the battery of your vape device is not long-lasting, you can’t enjoy your vaping experience. So to enjoy the long sessions, you should buy a vape kit with good battery timing. When the battery is finished while vaping, it can break your vibe and flow. So, for the perfect and extended vaping sessions, you need to choose a vape device with good battery timing. 

In A Nutshell:

There is a need to understand that vaping is not harmful to human health and is the best alternative to regular cigarettes. If you are a heavy smoker and want to quit smoking, you should use the plus-ohm vape kit for better results. Heavy smokers need to keep their level of nicotine high. You can try the tobacco flavours to get the feel of regular cigarettes. Battery capacity also matters for any device, so you should choose a device with good battery capacity.     

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