Best vastu consultant in kolkata points out mistakes that causes bad sleep and tips to correct it!

In our busy lives, stress and fatigue have become unwelcome companions, and Best vastu consultant in kolkata rightly points that the importance of a good night’s sleep has reached its peak now. The significance of good quality sleep cannot be overstated. 

No matter how much you are investing in comfortable beds, mattresses, and pillows, if you overlook a critical factor that might sabotage your sleep severely. It is the direction in which we sleep. In this blog, Best vastu consultant in kolkata has shed light on the common mistakes we make that hinder the quality of our sleep and brings side effects.

Our lives are governed by an exhaustive schedule, no matter we are involved in job, studies, business or household chores. All these leads to tiredness and stress, due to lack of discipline and exercise. Sleep is thus a miraculous phenomenon gifted to us by nature, which plays a pivotal role in rejuvenating our bodies alongside of refreshing our minds. 

Good sleep is recognized as essential for maintaining a healthy body and a sound mind, as sleep allows our bodies to heal. As we sleep our overall bodily functions enhances as well. However, Best vastu consultant in kolkata states that many individuals do not recognize that the direction in which we sleep, also impacts out quality of our sleep.

On one hand we pay attention to the comfort level of our beds, mattresses, and pillows; assuming it will guarantee a good night’s sleep, but on the other hand we overlook the direction of our sleep. This negates whatever benefit we assume for us.

Vastu experts points out that we receive energy from the cosmic world every second of our lives, and this is no exception during sleep as well. We are enclosed by both positive and negative energies, and orientation of our sleep with respect to the Earth’s magnetic field is what determines which energies we channel for ourselves. 

Therefore, the direction of our sleep comes out as a factor that holds immense significance according to Best vastu consultant in kolkata. Sleeping direction refers to the orientation of our head while lying down for sleeping. You must understand the implications of sleeping in each direction before adapting one randomly. 

Only then you can find the most conducive sleeping direction for your specific needs. You see, finding the right sleeping direction can be a game-changer for you as it offers adequate rest and rejuvenation. 

So, instead of focusing on external factors like the quality of our mattresses, and bed etc, we should incorporate Vastu principles into our sleeping habits primarily. This can contribute significantly to overall well-being of the individuals. If you are struggling to get good sleep, consider consulting a Vastu expert to fix it for once and for all. 

If you are interested in getting peaceful sleep then Best vastu consultant in kolkata present this blog only for you. 

Today we will take a glance at some of the amazing tips what will enhance the quality of your sleep.

1. Optimal Sleeping Directions:  

According to Vastu principles, the direction in which you sleep is most significant in determining the quality of your sleep. 

While south is considered the best sleeping direction as it aligns with the Earth’s magnetic field, which promotes good health and mental peace; west and east sleeping directions are also favorable in general. They offer prosperity and positive mindset.

But Best vastu consultant in kolkata forbids north sleeping direction at all cost. It might cause poor quality sleep and induce health problems. 

2. Mind the Corners:  

Never place your bed with any sharp corners in the room as it harnesses negative energy and can disrupt the flow of positive energy.

3. Beware of Beams:  

Refrain from sleeping beneath any beams in your bedroom. You need to shift your bed sideways to break the alignment. Alternatively, you can install a false ceiling which also serves as a remedy to counteract this defect.

4. Digital Detox:  

No matter how much you are engaged in your work and social life, never keep electronic gadgets nearby while sleeping, especially on your bed. The electromagnetic radiation emitted by these devices can interfere with your sleep patterns, warns Best vastu consultant in kolkata.

5. Position Matters:  

Avoid placing your legs towards the bedroom door, to be on the safe side. As per common belief it causes nightmares. 

6. Artistic Serenity:  

Consider placing some soothing paintings in your bedroom to look at. Over a time, it will induce a sense of peace and stability in your subconscious mind. Make sure to use good theme for such painting that does the intended job perfectly. 

7. Color Therapy:  

Choose light-colored paint for your bedroom walls as it creates a soothing ambiance and helps you relax. Don’t forget to incorporate color therapy principles while picking the right color for each bedroom. Try to use black out curtain to block excessive light and to promote sleep. 

8. Declutter Under the Bed:  

Whether you have an open bed or a boxed bed, never stuff its underneath with too many items. Keeping the space under the bed free and empty is encouraged highly as it allow better energy circulation and spreads positive vibrations.

9. Mind the Plants:  

Best vastu consultant in kolkata permits keeping money plant, snake plant etc in bedroom. But you must keep these plants at least 3 feet away from your bed as a golden rule. Most plants release carbon dioxide at night which can cause interruption.

10. Positive Vibes:  

Enhance your sleeping experience by keeping some vastu items and or wind chimes, dream catchers, etc. These attracts good vibes and can make sleeping a more enjoyable activity. 

Incorporating these Vastu tips into your sleeping space can do wonder for you. 

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Description- In this blog, Best vastu consultant in kolkata will explain the mistakes that we make and it result in poor sleep quality and how to correct it properly. 


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