Best Vikings TV Shows You Should See

Stories of Vikings’ conquests are not for the faint-hearted. They often blend fiction and history in blood-spurting battles. The actions can keep you glued to your TV for hours. From movies to TV shows, these recreations focus on their lifestyle and conquest. They live a nomadic lifestyle. Hence, they always move and scout new territories to raid and conquer.

A significant highlight of the Viking storyline is often their clash with the Christians. It forms the central storyline in popular TV shows like Vikings and Norsemen. Check out these Vikings TV shows for exciting historical battles and survival fights.

Vikings 2013 – 2020

One of the most popular TV series about Vikings is the story of Ragnar Lodbrok, a Viking Chieftain in Kattegat. The first episode, released in March 2013, follows the life of Ragnar before he became famous. Once a farmer living with his family, his life took a drastic turn when he ventured on his maiden voyage in search of wealth. The journey had many challenges, but his first raid was a success. Upon his return to Kattegat, he showed off the large deposits of gold and silver he had gathered. This was the beginning of his adventure. The series revolves around his conquests in England, France, and other European countries.

The movie features 6 seasons and 89 historical, fiction, and action episodes. Although not a very popular genre, Viking has gained many fans for its engaging storytelling approach. The legacy of the Vikings reaches beyond TV to other forms of entertainment. Games like Asgard and Thunderstruck capture the essence of the Viking Age. These slots allow players to embark on virtual adventures seeking lost treasures. When you visit any sites on https://www.bestuscasinos.org/real-money/, you can also savor real money wagers on your favorite games. Moreover, these platforms offer bonuses and more extensive game libraries to enjoy. 

Vikings: Valhalla 2022 – Present

A spin-off to the original Vikings series, Valhalla offers a thrilling continuation of the saga. Viking: Valhalla introduces viewers to a fresh generation of Norsemen. The series continues the legacy of their forebears captured in epic battles.

The legendary explorer Leif Eriksson, played by Sam Corlett, is at the heart of the plot. His thirst for adventure knows no bounds. Paired with him is the formidable character, the Nordic Prince Harald Sigurdsson, portrayed by Leo Suter. There is also the cunning Danish King Canute, brought to life by Bradley Freegard. As the trio allies, they set their sights on a grand campaign against England, a land ripe for conquest.

The complex interplay between their divergent faiths is central to the story. As Viking paganism meets the rise of Christianity, the clash of beliefs becomes a driving force behind the characters’ choices. The series has already broadcasted two seasons available on Netflix, with a third one set to air in 2024. Catch the rest of the story at https://www.netflix.com/ng/title/81149450

The Last Kingdown 2015 – 2022

Based on Bernard Cornwell’s novel series, The Saxon Stories, this is another captivating show set during the Viking Age. It differs from the first two as it tells the Viking story from another perspective. The focus is on the encounters and transformations between the Vikings and the Christians. Uhtred of Bebbanburg, played by Alexander Dreymon, was at the heart of it, a Saxon nobleman captured and raised by Vikings. 

All five seasons and 46 episodes of The Last Kingdom are available on Netflix. The sequel and conclusion have just been released on Netflix, titled Seven Kings Must Die. The storyline revolves around the death of King Edward. Trouble erupts over who succeeds him as king. As a result, the brothers plot against each other for the crown. Uhtred, who has initially returned home to Bebbanburg, must return to stop the attack.

https://publicistpaper.com/how-did-aethelflaed-die-how-did-aethelflaed-die/ features some reviews of the Last Kingdom. It covers some fans’ favorite actors you will find helpful while watching.

Norsemen 2016 – 2020

The Norsemen is a Norwegian comedy TV series that humorously depicts the Viking Age. Created by Jon Iver Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen, it offers a unique perspective on the dramatic and violent Viking culture. It is interesting to note that each scene was filmed twice – once in Norwegian and once in English.

The story is set in the village of Norheim, offering a glimpse into the daily lives of the Vikings. The plot revolves around the challenges faced by the people of Norheim. The issues come from within and from other villages, particularly those caused by the ruthless Jarl Varg. Meanwhile, Rufus, a Roman slave, introduces new ideas to the traditional ways of Norheim, leading to conflicts that drive the story.

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