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Garrett Ziegler does not seem to spare Biden’s family. Ziegler has in the past broken the silence by exposing the Biden family for alleged criminal activities. Ziegler, former Trump aide and Stew Peters host, discussed the Biden family’s involvement in malpractices during a 25 minute episode on September 24, 2021.

Ziegler has been in the news for his 10,000 exclusive Biden family photos in United States Canada and United Kingdom. Do you want to learn more about Biden laptop

About was created by Garrett Ziegler, a non profit organization. Multiple news websites reported the images, videos and emails of Hunter Biden came from an abandoned and old laptop.

According to sources, Hunter Biden will be the main model for exposing the dark side Biden’s family. Hunter Biden has already been implicated in a conspiracy involving the overseas earnings. Ziegler accessed Hunter’s laptop and collected useful photos of the Bidens over several months.

According to sources, Biden Laptop Media website showed explicit pictures of Hunter Biden and his girlfriend Zoe Kestan as well as Hallie Biden. Ziegler, however, said that the site would not reveal any individual. The images, videos and emails span the years 2008-2018. hosts 10K photos and 120,000 emails relating to the Biden Family. Ziegler stated that in the future, the website will host explicit videos featuring Hunter Biden, Zoe Kestan (his girlfriend), and Hallie Biden. The process is slow as AI must be used to censor the explicit content in the videos.

Ziegler, citing sources, stated that only useful photos that reveal the dark side of Biden’s family were taken out of the thousands of Biden Laptop Pictures. The website did not upload many photos because they were of no use. There were, for example, screenshots from the Candycrush video game that will not be newsworthy.

The website also includes pictures of Hunter’s bank account and debit card. Ziegler was very specific in mentioning the never-before-seen picture of Hunter’s relationship with Kestan. According to sources, the second photograph shows leftover toxic that was used by Hunter. It is expected to alert people.

Ziegler also mentioned an adorable letter that was posted on Biden Laptop by Hunter’s daughter Finnegan and sent to soldiers stationed in Afghanistan or Iraq. One picture shows Hunter with a poison in his mouth while he sleeps. Another picture features his explicit images dressed up in a red scarf, black glasses and a red scarf.

Ziegler informed us that they would not remove the pictures from They are also working on an application that will let the audience view metadata about the photos, such as the location where the photo was taken, the date and time of the photograph, the latitude and longitude coordinates and the aperture. The audience will feel more confident that the images they see on Biden Laptop are real.

Conclusion: has been registered since 21st/May/2022. The pictures were uploaded in the afternoon on 1st/June/2023. Hunter was shown in a picture having a physical relationship with at least two girls. The picture was questioned by the media because it appeared to show the involvement of girls underage. Hunter’s lawyer and The White House didn’t respond to requests for comments.

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