Milana Khametova Age :- Check Scam Or Legit!

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Milana Khametova is a well-known name. Milana Khametova has been getting more attention lately as her number of followers is growing daily. People all over the globe enjoy keeping up to date with trending topics and social media platforms. People from Italy and the United Kingdom are eager to learn more about Milana.

This article will provide information to our readers about the Milana Khametova Age as well as other pertinent information.

What’s the age of Milana Khmetove?

Milana Khametova, 12 years old, was born 5 March 2010. Although she is now a Moscow resident, she was born in Novosibirsk.

  • Her mother’s name was Albina and her father was Dava
  • She was raised by her parents, who enrolled her from an early age in gymnastics, singing, dancing and singing.
  • Her parents began social media advertising to their daughter.
  • Her mom started her Instagram account at four years old.
  • Her mother allowed her to participate in children’s beauty contests as well as advertising shoots

Is Milana Khametove popular on Instagram?

Milana is a popular Instagram user, even though her account isn’t verified. With 1613 posts, she has 1.3 million Instagram followers. Her mom manages her social media accounts. Here, she posts photos, reels, and collaboration shots.

Millisa Brand has 83 thousand followers on Instagram. She also has a second Instagram account. This account is used to promote and market her clothing brand.

Tik Tok Profile Milana Khametova

Milana’s Instagram account had more followers that her Tik Tok one. However, her account was blocked by TikTok due to the restriction of 13+ years. She is now active on the Likee App after being blocked by Tik Tok.

Social Media Accounts



Final Verdict

Milana Khmetova is 12 years-old. She will be 13 in March 2023. You can read more about her here

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