BitAlpha AI Review United Kingdom 2023: Is it legit?

Prices have changed drastically in the cryptocurrency economy, and they have been highly fluctuating. As a result bitcoin trading has been unsuccessful and caused a loss of money during the market crash. This has happened not only in the United Kingdom but also worldwide. Nevertheless, the United Kingdom has now found a solution to help with the trading of cryptocurrencies by making them more efficient. This recent invention is called BitAlpha AI.

Using this article we will give you a BitAlpha review and reveal other English people’s testimonials regarding their experience with BitAlpha AI.

BitAlpha in the United Kingdom AI Review – Is It A Scam or Legit Bot?

BitAlpha has become huge in the last decade in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, famous billionaires have talked about Bitcoin in recent years. You might have even heard of some of them like Elon Musk, Ray Dalio, and Paul Tudor Jones. During the last few years, each of them has made predictions that have proven to be accurate. Their prediction for BitAlpha AI is that by the end of this year, 2023, the Bitcoin Price known as BTC will reach over $300K. You can easily find this information by reading their interviews with websites such as Forbes, Reuters, or FT.

The founders of BitAlpha AI

There is no definitive information on who created or found the BitAlpha AI robot. Additionally, it is known that new traders will have to deposit $250 to read a more detailed BitAlpha AI review.

In the Bitcoin world, using pseudonyms or being anonymous isn’t an unusual thing to do. 

Research by our team has shown that the brain behind BitAlpha AI is a group of trained and proficient crypto traders with years of experience in the cryptocurrency market. Of course, we believe that part of this trained staff is also a team of software developers, who make sure the software is integrated with algorithmic technology- so that users can benefit more from the dynamic nature of trading.

The changes in the cryptocurrency market are unpredictable. Therefore, no wonder you are typing in your search bar and Googleing every piece of information there is about BitAlpha AI’s effectiveness. The software developers behind BitAlpha AI, which we previously mentioned, make sure to keep the system updated with the cryptocurrency market. This will keep your losses to a minimum and maximize your profits at the same time. In addition, BitAlpha offers its clients a guarantee of their data and accounts, so that they are protected from unauthorized access.

How Does BitAlpha AI Work

There exists scant to no information about BitAlpha AI online. According to the official website, BitAlpha uses robots with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to examine markets and make trades following them, on your behalf. However, that is the only information you can find about the way BitAlpha AI works.

Based on our experience with the app, we can tell you that to sign up you will have to complete a KYC form that contains information about your data such as your name, last name, phone number, and e-mail address. After completing this form the website will forward you to the registration page where you must provide your payment details. The payment methods are multiple: credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, wire transfers, and cryptocurrencies. The minimum deposit is $250. And once this amount is deposited you will be given full access to the BitAlpha AI platform.

The robot BitAlpha AI uses, in plain English, scans the market and identifies the highest-quality trades on the market. The risk parameters can be customized by you as a user. 

Do keep in mind that BitAlpha AI also offers you 24/7 customer care and you can contact them by their live chat or their e-mail at any time for further questions.

BitAlpha AI Amazing Qualities

As with every other Bitcoin type, there have been controversies with BitAlpha AI too. However, judging from our experience, we have found more positives than harm. That is why below, we will present you with a list of the most outstanding qualities of BitAlpha:

Easy access.

BitAlpha AI software is easily accessible by visiting its official website and creating a new account. The first deposit is $250 and once that payment is done you can then enter the world of BitAlpha AI. While there is no mobile application for this platform, you can easily access the services via desktop or mobile browsers.

The BitAlpha AI Fees

With BitAlpha AI you will not have to pay for any setup, withdrawal, or extra fees such as commissions. 

Demo Trading Account

Giving you the chance to use the platform for free, BitAlpha AI has come up with the idea of a demo account. This provides you with a method to test the software before putting any money into it and starting live trades. This is especially relevant for rookies, who have never been part of the Bitcoin world. Despite this, it does not exclude more experienced users since they can also use it to determine whether they like this type of software. The demo can be used to understand how this trading robot functions under different cryptocurrency market conditions.

Automated trading

A very critical tool or feature BitAlpha AI has that is different from other cryptocurrency bots is the fact that it is completely automated. BitAlpha AI runs fully on autopilot and the bots are used to scrutinize the markets, making consequently trades on your behalf. There is no doubt that BitAlpha AI can offer benefits over long periods that are highly tenable and legitimate and are competitive with human traders.

Minimum deposit

When you’ve already created a demo account and seen the insight of the BitAlpha AI platform and decided you liked it, it is time to create an official account. To set up your official account you will have to make a minimal deposit of $250 so you can start trading. This minimum deposit is necessary for most trading bots so the system can be activated.

Please note, every cryptocurrency platform requires a minimum deposit, some even higher than $250.

The button to make a deposit is labeled exactly that, “Deposit”. When clicking you will be faced with a page from which you can select the currency you want to start the transaction with and you will have a step-by-step guide for the next actions. Once the deposit has been processed, you will become part of the trading world.

Prompt withdrawals

In contrast with other cryptocurrency platforms, BitAlpha AI lets you withdraw in minutes rather than days, and return to the initial deposit as soon as possible. In case you would like to withdraw not in cryptocurrency but using a VISA or a wire transfer, BitAlpha AI offers you that option too. This however has a longer processing time.

Customer Support

Fortunately, BitAlpha AI offers a live chat feature that can be used for any questions you might have regarding the website or the cryptocurrency bot. Alternatively, you can contact customer service via e-mail or by visiting the “Contact Us” option on the official website.

The customer care team is available 24/7, so inquiries are answered within hours. It is noteworthy that live chat is the quickest solution to any queries you might have since e-mail communication can be quite slow. Every newcomer to the BitAlpha AI platform is assigned a personal agent as well. This agent will help you with any questions or demands you might have.

BitAlpha AI Security

You have probably heard of encryption technology if you are a user of Whatsapp. Well, BitAlpha AI uses the same 256-bit encryption technology to protect its users’ data. User information is also stored to prevent any cyberattacks.

To secure even further safety the platform applies two-factor authentication (kind of like Instagram), a tool that requires you to input a one-time code added to your password whenever you are logging into your account. The code can be sent via SMS on your mobile phone or via e-mail to your e-mail address.

To further reinforce security, BitAlpha AI supports KYC, otherwise known as Know Your Customer, a form or check that aids in identifying and verifying a user’s identity. For compliance with these regulations, BitAlpha AI requires newcomers to submit certain documents such as a picture of their ID.

If you have ever clicked on their official website, you will also see in the website’s footer that the platform is GDPR compliant. This means that they are not allowed to share any of your information with a third party without your consent.

Simplicity and ease of use

Being handy for both novice and experienced traders, BitAlpha AI remains the most user-friendly bot on the cryptocurrency market. To become a user you do not need any skills, and any feature offered by the site can be found in the main dashboard.

To help you, even more, the BitAlpha AI platform gives you access to detailed step-by-step guides on how to use each tool and feature.

Despite its reputation as automated software, BitAlpha AI allows users to control certain aspects of the trade before execution, such as risk parameters.

Cryptocurrency Market Monitoring

The BitAlpha AI robot automatically scans the cryptocurrency market and whenever there are profitable opportunities it starts making trades. Aside from BitAlpha, AI also offers updates to keep up with the latest developments in the digital asset field. Part of the platform is a built-in price chart that gives users the chance to track the prices of several cryptocurrencies. To protect your profits, the bot has a trailing stop loss tool. Finally, BitAlpha AI has a portfolio feature that allows users to see what their investments are and have been, in one place.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Using BitAlpha AI?

Studies have shown that BitAlpha has an eighty percent win rate. This means that it does guarantee profits, but not fully. Therefore, you should think carefully and start strategizing to reduce your risks.

Do I need Any Crypto Experience To Start Using BitAlpha AI?

Not. Previous crypto experience is not necessary when starting to use BitAlpha AI. Although, it is crucial to know how the crypto market works so you can have information on what you are getting yourself into.

How Much Can I Make With BitAlpha AI?

The answer to this question varies and depends on different factors such as your capital range. But not only that, what you gain from BitAlpha AI also depends on how skillful you are, how experienced, how much you commit to learning, and how much time you dedicate.

Are There Extra Fees With BitAlpha AI?

None! BitAlpha AI only requires you a minimum deposit of $250 and after that, any action you might take is for free.

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