Reasons To Rent A Bike In Bangalore

On the southeast side of India, is the city of gardens. The architectural beauty of Bangalore makes it a city worth visiting. In April, the temperature is the hottest, and in January, it is the coldest. 

In addition to buses, trains, and international airports, it is a well-connected city with adequate public transportation. Transport modes can be selected according to your preferences.

A vehicle is essential when visiting such a location. It’s mostly because the city is huge, and it’s hard to catch a cab, bus, or auto every time.

In Bangalore, renting a bike is quite popular since you cannot bring your own vehicle. It will save you a lot of time trying to figure out the bus schedule in order to visit all of the important gardens, monuments, streets, and temples in the city. Riding a bike on the roads is also very enticing, so don’t miss the opportunity.

The procedure will not take long. Bangalore has many rental bike shops. Rentals require a driver’s license, identification proof, and a deposit. Upon returning the vehicle, you will receive a refund of the deposit. You can choose from the Activa, Classic 350, Bajaj Avenger cruise 220 or FZS, based on your timing.

If you need a bike for daily commute needs then bike rentals in Bangalore that work on a monthly subscription model are the best option.

Reasons to Rent a Bike In Bangalore:

  1. Easy Commute
  2. Economic Option
  3. No Burden of Insurance or Maintainance
  4. Sustainable 
  5. No Riding Limits
  6. Lots of Freebies and extra benefits are available
  7. Pick up a bike from wherever you want and get it delivered to your current location
  8. Monthly Subscription services available that are affordable and efficient

Safety Tips to Remember Before Renting A Bike:

  • Ask for a Proper ISI Helmet. Almost all bike rentals in Bangalore provide helmets in order to promote safety. But you must ensure that the bike rental you are renting from gives a helmet along with every bike renting service. Don’t start your commute on the wrong foot, by riding in violation of traffic rules.
  • If you are new in the city, avoid travelling on the bike at night. There can be roads under construction or areas which are unsafe or not suitable for riding a bike. Streetlights can also be an issue on certain roads. It is best to avoid unnecessary travelling at night time and chose to commute during the day.
  • Follow all rules and regulations. Do not overtake as there are many heavy-load trucks and vehicles travelling on the city roads. Also, you must look out for any signals from traffic police or truck drivers as they might be reaching out to you for assistance or for informing necessary information about the road ahead.
  • Whether you are to explore a city of gardens or are just commuting on a daily basis, it is important to carry all the necessary documents with you like a PUC certificate, Valid insurance document and vehicle owner information. 

To avoid the hassle and the hefty fine, ask the bike rentals in Bangalore for such provisions and make sure to choose the right bike rentals in Bangalore that provide all the above-mentioned safety equipment and accessories as well as support the following traffic rules.


When it comes to travelling on the road, your two-wheeler is your best companion. When exploring any part of Bangalore, you must make sure you’ve rented the right motorbike, just as you would for the perfect accommodation.

The ride can be enjoyed after some preparation. There are beautiful coastlines and roads that wind through lush green fields on this ride.

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